Hello, on the eve of the royal wedding I have a refreshingly non royal wedding related post:

You just have to check out this cute & quirky invitation.

Start at the bottom and read your way back up…

Are you back?

It's cool isn't it?!

BUT it gets much cooler. This creative invite is actually on an illustrated web page, with animated graphics! Including a couple kissing, birds flying and a horse galloping. Check it out here: helenandjoshsittinginatree.com

The couple also have an interactive ‘Thank You' video in which guests can choose which message they'd like to hear them say from a bunch of funny options. Make your own ‘Thank You' video from the couple here. Such a unique idea…I LOVE it!

Bet their wedding was all kinds of awesome!

{Image, invite and concepts created by the creative minds at Fuzzco…of whom Helen & Josh are a part of!}