Hello lovelies,

Exciting times ahead as the Royal Wedding takes place today! {Just in case you hadn't heard.}

Prince William and Catherine must be feeling such a mixture of emotions from excitement, nervousness and joy. I really do hope that it is not too stressful knowing each moment will be watched by millions around the world. {I know I'd fluff my vows with that kind of pressure!}

It is such a happy day for them and their families, I just wanted to say congratulations and good luck to them on this momentous day.

It'll be one of those days where people say “Where were you when William & Catherine got married?” And I'll reply, not amidst the Union Jack flags and elated crowds in London town, where I actually live…alongside this patriotic fella..

but in Amsterdam at The Next Web Conference with my husband! Celebrating the Queen of the Netherlands birthday…life is weird.

I'll definitely be watching via The Royal You Tube Channel and I'll try to find some scones, jam and tea from somewhere too! And I'll certainly be on Twitter following all the Royal gossip…I just can't wait to see ‘the dress'!!!

Have a great day…let's raise a glass to the happy couple!

Elizabeth x