Cascading bouquets are having a bit of a moment right now.

And we couldn't be more chuffed.

From rustic arrangements of willowy wildflowers to glorious sweeping streams of orchids, cascading bouquets are a versatile floral feature that can add colour, texture, drama and (even more) sense of occasion to your wedding day look.

Traditional waterfall bouquets (as they're also known) might conjure up images of days of yore, formal brides holding voluminous arrangements, (in an even more voluminous dress) but modern cascades are stylish, elegant and flattering.

Be inspired by our pick of twenty stunning cascading bouquets, and swot up with some expert tips on selecting the perfect arrangement for your special day…

 Bouquet by Martha Stewart Weddings | Photo by Yunhee Kim Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings

A Brief History of the Cascading Bouquet

Cascading bouquets have a long history as the arrangement du jour for formal weddings. Lindsay Bly, a Bridal Consultant with Todich Floral Design, tells us, “Cascading bouquets are a more modern version of what we call the shower bouquet, which came about in 1910 and really reached its peak in the 20s and 30s.

These bouquets sort of disappeared after WWII. The trend was once again popular in the 1980s but it was a smaller version of the shower bouquet and is what we now call the cascading bouquet. This was made famous by Princess Diana.”

(Check out her iconic and rather huge cascading bouquet.)


Floral Design by Huckleberry Karen Designs | Photos by Love Life Studios via Bridal Musings 

rose bouquet

Bouquet by Aqua Florists | Photo by Dasha Caffrey via B.loved Weddings

Bouquet by The Rainflorist | Photo by Jo Photo via Style Me Pretty

Organic Arrangements

Karen Chang Burling of Huckleberry Karen Designs, explains that modern brides should opt for rustic, foliage-heavy bouquet, for a chic look, that's not over-styled. “Cascading bouquets are coming back – but in a more natural way, by incorporating seasonal foliage.  They are definitley realistic, but you want to take into consideration the time of the year, the foliage you have available and mostly if it fits with the style of your wedding.  Cascading bouquets tend to look the most organic in an outdoor setting.”

Bouquet by Bo Boutique Flowers | Photo by Michelle Boyd Photography via Wedding Sparrow

Bouquet by Green Goddess Flower Studio | Photo by Lauren Kriedman Photography via The Pretty Blog


Bouquet by Mindy Rice | Photo by Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty


Bouquet by LK Lily | Photo by Sarah Gawler via Ruffled Blog

Show-stopping Blooms

While it's important to pick an arrangement to suit your personal style (you don't want to be over-shadowed by your bouquet on your big day), Lindsay Bly, of Todich Floral Design says that with carefully selected blooms, the modern cascade can be a dramatic addition to your look. “The cascading bouquet is something that eludes elegance and is a complete show stopper. Because of the nature of the bouquet, you need to be able to use flowers of different lengths, more importantly flowers with long stems. Flowers that are commonly used in these bouquets are roses and calla lilies, which are also available in an array of beautiful colours.

Showstopping Blooms Bridal Musings

Bouquet by Crystal And Bark Designs | Photo by AMW Studios via Style Me Pretty

Dramatic Cascading Bouquet Bridal Musings

Bouquet by Ken Boek | Photo by Larissa Cleveland Photography via Burnett's Boards

Cascading Bouquets Bridal Musings

 Bouquet by Martha Stewart Weddings | Photo by Yunhee Kim Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings

Photo by Fleur De Cordeur | Photo by Catherine Mac via The Pretty Blog 

Perennial Possibilities

With modern techniques making blooms from around the world available year 'round, Lindsay advises brides to think outside the box for their cascading bouquets. “Modern brides are now using more exotic flowers such as orchids, which really have a free-flowing look as well as being a stunning flower. Amaranths and seeded eucalyptus are both used for the trailing effect and have become very popular with brides today. In general, there are a lot of flowers that can make these bouquets unique to each bride and the possibilities are endless.


Cascading Bouquets Ameryths Bridal Musings
Bouquet by Academy Florists | Photo by Lani Elias via Magnolia Rouge
Lily cascading bouquet bridal musings
Cascading Bouquets

Flowing Posies

While beads and ribbons can also help with movement and texture, for cascading bridal bouquets that are light-weight, natural-looking, and comfortable to hold, Karen of Huckleberry Karen Designs advises brides to select flowers that need less manipulation, “The best flowers to use are the ones that already have natural movement and flow down. Phalenopsis orchids are very popular along with hellebore. Stay away from foliage and flowers that have very stiff stems since it's more difficult to get them to hang naturally.”

Flowing Cascading Bouquets Bridal Musings

Bouquet by Jay Archer Floral Design | Photo by Gooch & Gawler via Sarah Gawler

Cascading Flowers Bridal Musings

Bouquet by Hanako | Photo by D'arcy Benincosa via Style Me Pretty

Small Cascading Bouquet

Bouquet by Full Bloom Floral Design | Photo by Laura Luís, Three Lights Photography via Laura Luís Blog

Bouquet by Beautiful Blooms | Photo by MK Photography via Style Me Pretty

Bouquet by  Bash, Please | Photo by Erin Hearts Court via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Well, after spending the last few hours immersed in all things cascading and floral, consider us converted. While we still have a penchant for a neat posy, these flowing bouquets can add opulence, glamour and romance to the look of your day.

This is one wedding trend, we hope sticks around. What do you think, would you opt for a cascading bouquet, or do you prefer something a little more simple?

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