Over the last few years, nails have become a rather important part of your bridal look. Shying away from the traditional French mani, many modern brides are now opting for solid colours, from natural taupes to bold reds.

But with red carpet nails getting ever-more adventurous (Zooey Deschanel is the queen of offbeat finger-tips) and Shellac and Minx and other gel polishes making creative looks more sturdy, brides are choosing to show their playful side with bright hues and quirky nail art.

Which is why Georgie at Polished2Perfection has nailed it (sorry, sorry, could not resist) with this sweet and stylish wedding nail inspiration shoot.

Captured beautifully by Her Lovely Heart, (see their last gorgeous inspiration shoot here) these three unique looks, offer a plethora of ideas to play around with, from popping some colour into your bridal style, to adding a little sparkle to your look. Watch out for some great tips from Georgie too…

Flip the French

“If you like the French manicure look, why not step outside the box and try it in a colour that matches your flowers or bridesmaids dresses?

Try a base colour that matches one and the tip in a shade that matches the other. It can look amazing with the right colour combination”

Be Playful with Polka

“If you want something a little more subtle why not choose a pastel or nude shade that matches your flowers or make-up and add a few soft white polka dots on top?

I think this adds a unique touch to your bridal nails and looks romantic and feminine.”

All That Glitters is Gold

“It is important with any wedding manicure to tie it in with a colour scheme, and I would definitely recommend having a professional nail technician look after your hands and nails for your big day.

Have them done as close to the day as possible to ensure picture perfection, though at least 24 hours allow them to dry fully.

For a longer-lasting look, opt for a gel manicure that dries instantly and can be done up to a week before and will last for two-three weeks.”

Wow. How chic? The styling from London Bride is just perfection!

I love the idea of adding a touch of glitter on a matte pastel nail, it looks really special without being too showy. And I think the polka dots would be really gorgeous on bridesmaids too.

Thanks so much to Georgie for her helpful advice and to Polished2Perfection and Her Lovely Heart for sharing this gorgeous shoot. (And for leaving us craving cake pops!)

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