I've got such a treat for you today. Literally.

When I came across Natalie Spencer‘s truly gorgeous, ethereal photos, I knew she had to be one very talented and creative lady. I was amazed to discover that photography isn't her only talent, she also spent 3 years working alongside her sisters designing, making and decorating incredible cakes and cookies!

Natalie, who is based in Canada, is such a creative spirit. She has had a fascinating career path and is destined for BIG things! I feel so pleased and honoured to be able to share her beautiful edible creations and her absolutely stunning photography with you…

The Pretty Cakes

Tiffany themed wedding? Here are some cakes that Audrey herself would approve of:

If you love bags and you love cake, you'll love these!

Pretty little things…

Natalie even designed and made her own, spectacular 6 tiered wedding cake!

Such intricate detailing…check out those silhouettes and the cute bows!

Natalie shares her creative journey from cake maker to photographer:

For the past 3 years, my sisters and I have been referred to as ‘the cake girls.’ What most people don’t know is that I have always been a photographer at heart. It was actually my love of photography that brought me to making cakes!

I have had a camera close to my heart since my first pink Polaroid I received for my 6th birthday. In high school, I learned the art of film photography and developed my own prints. Upon graduating from university, I knew that my creative journey was just about to start. I decided to go back to school for photography, to learn the technical side, lighting and all about my brand new DSLR. It was for a Food Illustration assignment in my second year that I made my first fondant cake and had to photograph it.

Making the cake and photographing it brought so much joy, I began decorating cakes and cookies for no reason and photographing them. I started reading books and experimenting and just fell head over {very high} heels for cake decorating. Three years, and many fabulous cakes later, I have put creating sweet works of art on hold for my first love once again.

Who knew cakes and cookies could be so chic?!

Natalie will be sharing her inspiration, expertise and stunning photography tomorrow in Part 2: ‘A Vintage Winter Wonderland Wedding Project'…it's full of ruffles, pastel vintage dresses, retro chic props, frost, fairy lights and sisterly love!

But if you just can't wait for all that gorgeousness, check out the sneak peaks here and here.