Remember this superhero wedding? Batman married Wonder Woman in ceremony full of the world's greatest superheros {thank goodness all the evil masterminds were on holiday that day}.

{Daily Mail via SWNS}

It certainly was a unique wedding and it was wonderful to see two people in love, having fun with their wedding day ~ doing it their way. But only die hard comic book fans would dress up as their favourite characters on their wedding day!

What about those couples who love comic books and super heros but who also want to have a chic, beautiful wedding? How can they incorporate a super hero theme into their wedding?

Here's a few super ideas:

What about a hint of the superhero beneath the suit? I love this shot of the groom and his groomsmen {sidekicks} looking all proud and heroic ~ such a fun shot!

{Photo via Hoffer Photography}

Or how about making a super hero worthy entrance?

This couple got changed for their reception then made the best first dance entrance EVER! Click the link to see them smash through a wall of bricks. Yep, that's why there are bricks on the dance floor ~ it's well worth a look!

{Photography by Jagger Photography via Green Wedding Shoes}

Or make a memorable exit, like this couple did ~ kudos to the groom for surprising his bride and going all out with his costume!

{Photo by Nadine via Offbeat Bride}

Or if that's too dramatic for you, why not focus on the details instead:

These super hero / action figures make the most awesome boutonnieres!

{Photo by Sweet Little Photographs via Rock n Roll Bride}

This escort card display is so creative ~ a superhero represents each table and, on each table waits one of my favourite favour ideas ever ~ superhero Pez dispensers! {You've got to love Pez ~ takes me back to my youth!}

{Photography by Jagger Photography via Green Wedding Shoes}

How about a super hero cake? Each tier represents a different super hero.

{Photo via Stand In Event Planning}

If you're having a dessert table, you can't go wrong with these superhero lollypops complete with mask and cape! Or use them as escort cards with the guests' names written on their capes.

{Created by Zak A Life Find the printable template here}

And finally, if you do decide to have a superhero themed wedding…please say that this little fella can come too!

{Found on Pinterest originally via Goumin}

What do you think? Can you incorporate a superhero theme and still have a chic, beautiful wedding?