Hello, it's Tuesday…and do you know what that means?

Time to share one of Anna Lee Company’s fabulously creative DIY tutorials ~ Hurrah!

I really love how Anna Lee Company introduce the materials/methods they use each week with a little history lesson. Today we're talking chalkboard paint and I can't believe I've only just discovered it ~ it's pure genius!

The Chalkboard Globe

How gorgeous is this travel themed wedding decor idea? Kelly and Jodie created it for a wedding with a long distance love theme. It could be used as an alternative guest book too!

Here's The DIY Tutorial:

Covering a globe in chalkboard paint allows you to say whatever in the world you please (like that word-pun action there?) We found the inspiration for our globe over at Remodelista, check it out here. We did not disassemble our globe before painting it, as we were certain it would then be destroyed forever (we didn’t trust our abilities to put it back together one bit).

The most difficult step of the project was masking off the parts of the globe we didn’t want the paint to cover. Once masked, it was a simple 3 coats of spray and a few hours to dry.

Anna Lee Company's other chalkboard paint DIY projects include: wine bottle labels that can double as table numbers and the sweetest little chalkboard place cards.

Thanks to Anna Lee Company for stopping by~ see you next Tuesday for more DIY wedding awesomeness!

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