Good morning!

Time for a little DIY ~ I love this idea for a modern wedding full of colour and quirky details.

We've all seen mismatched flowers in bottles and jars BUT I haven't seen them like this before!

Simply spray paint bottles white, fill them with bright flowers et voila ~ a striking, modern, minimalist table center piece.

This idea comes from The Colourful Living Project {a must see blog if you're into all things DIY}:

I love the uniformity and minimalism of the white bottles in a row with the gorgeous pink ranunculus. To get the details, check out the original post.

Not into understated minimalism? Why not have multicoloured, mismatched bottles, jars {and any other vessel that can be spray painted} filled with a variety of flowers. I love the choice of muted, pastel colours alongside bright pink & the yellow of the sunflower here:

Click here to see how to do it.

I'm envisaging a cool and quirky wedding in a white space filled with colourful pompoms, streamers and garlands…perfect!

I love the fact that it's not fiddly and doesn't require a huge amount of craftmanship.

Any of you thinking of giving this a go?

Elizabeth x

Ps. See you at midday with part 2 of this incredibly classy, stylish and fun, fairytale wedding.