This wedding film is pretty great.

American, Jennifer and Abdoualye from Mali, were married in a day filled with flags, travel guides, zoo animals, and conga lines. The perfect multi-cultural wedding, where two families come together as one.

And their gorgeous wedding film by The Girl Tyler, captures it all.

Zoo Wedding Film | The Girl Tyler | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Photo by Val & Sarah Photography

We could gush all day about how wonderful this pair are (and about how much we love Jennifer's dress) but we reckon the talent behind the camera, Tyler Adams, says it best…

Jennifer & Abdoualye were married last May at the Virginia Zoological Park in Norfolk.

This amazing, kind, free spirited and selfless couple had a day full of so many thoughtful touches that embodied their heritages and their history as a couple (they met while Jennifer was stationed in Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps).

Jennifer trimmed the dress she created from a skirt and thrift store top with fabric sent over from Abdoulaye's family in Africa, combining American bridal white with her new family's traditions. They shared images from their travels together on the tables along with flags from the places they had visited.

Jennifery and Abdoulaye also did an American style first dance that turned into one of their favorite African line dances partway through.

The couple even finished up the night in a fun flurry of inflatable globes (and glowsticks).

It was a truly special day – made even more special by the surroundings (a real zoo!)… I'll stop gushing though and let you enjoy the film below! 

Jennifer & Abdoulaye | Wedding Film | Music Video | Norfolk, Virginia | Virginia Zoological Park from The Girl Tyler on Vimeo.

Isn't it special? I just adore how happy they look, and how much their friends and family got into the spirit of the day.

Thanks so much to The Girl Tyler, and of course to Jennifer and Abdoulaye for sharing their beautiful multicultural wedding film.

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