Happy Friday lovelies!

I'm super excited to share John and Lucy's beautiful Chinese / English wedding in London with you all. Here's why:

Lucky Lucy got to wear two beautiful outfits. A traditional red and gold Chinese Kwa and a big, white, ‘fit for a princess' wedding gown with lace detailing which she teamed with the prettiest braid and sparkles in her hair.

Her bridesmaids wore cream lace with satin ribbons tied around their waists and their pastel bouquets. While John and his groomsmen looked dashing in royal blue suits accessorized with some very becoming lingerie. Yes, I did just say lingerie.

Caro Hutchings Photography was the lady behind the lens and oh my how I love her photos. She captured all the love, joy, tears and ‘laugh till your cheeks hurt' moments as well as the charming details of Lucy and John's wedding in such a tender and artistic way.

Never in a million years did I think I'd feature groomsmen wearing corsets and suspenders waxing their legs and licking nappies filled with peanut butter but  it was all part of the traditional (and hilarious) door games often played at Chinese weddings.

Basically, the groom visits the bride's house on the morning of the wedding but his entry to the house is blocked by her bridesmaids and female friends (aka Tze Muis). They provide a series of challenges for the groom and his groomsmen (aka Hing Dais) to prove his love for the bride and ‘collect' her for their wedding. So fun!*

Such a wonderful celebration!

Many thanks to Lucy and John for sharing their wedding and thanks also to Caro Hutchings Photography for the gorgeous photos.

It rained throughout Lucy and John's wedding day so they decided to have a portrait shoot with Caro soon after their wedding and oh mem gee you are going to love it! I'll be featuring it next week…but I might just have to give you a sneak peek over on Facebook. It's pretty epic.

*If you'd like more information on Chinese Door Games and challenge ideas for your Tze Muis, check out this helpful post by Carmen Weddings. (Carmen is a UK based wedding planner who specialises in planning Chinese Weddings).

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