Today's wedding film is a fun one.

While we love romantic films filled with long dreamy shots or vintage films with a beautiful nostalgic feel, sometimes a fun wedding film is just perfect for catching the real excitement of a wedding day.

And this stop motion wedding film, by Nourish & Inspire Me does just that.

Nourish and Inspire Me Stop Motion Photography | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Capturing Ben and Lark's beautiful wedding day in her childhood home of Clark Mansion in Taylor, Texas, the film documents their backyard wedding in a style that's a lot of fun, a little frantic, very sweet and pretty unique. 

We'll pass you over to Brooke Jonsson of Nourish and Inspire Me to tell you a little bit more…

As soon as I got to the venue I was so excited. In fact I didn't know where to start. This was the ultimate DIY shabby chic wedding.

It included floating lace lanterns, chandeliers with tea cups, a pastel bird cage for cards with two cute sparrows sitting on a perch, and handcrafted wooden signs. 

The wedding was shot on a balmy Texas afternoon at the Clark Mansion, which is where the bride grow up. The couples portraits where on the patio on a porch swing where Lark would spend the summer evenings with family and friends and she even walked on the porch railing which she loved to do as a child.

This part was so precious to watch! 

Nourish & Inspire Me Stop Motion Photography | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 1

I'm totally in love with this couple. It was so easy to capture their special moments because they were so in love. The way they looked at each other, and their vows were so sweet and genuine. The family was also sweet.

It was one of those weddings where you feel like you were part of their family and then you're sad to leave the venue. We did a jumping portrait shot of the family which really showed the personality of the wedding party — everybody was really enjoying themselves and having such a great time!

The wedding cake was so stunning. The bride said her mom's friend designed it. The cake decor was made up of vintage wagon tables worn glass doors, tea cups, lace chandeliers and the color scheme was pastel pink and violet.

The bride and groom left the venue surrounded by their friends and family who lined up with sparklers to send them off in a vintage car that their dad drove! 

This wedding will always a be close to my heart and I'm so thankful the bride and groom allowed me to share their special day with them! 

Ben & Lark Taylor, TX Stop Motion Movie from Nourish & Inspire Me on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, no?

Let us know, would you go for a stop motion film for your own wedding videography?

Thanks so much to Nourish & Inspire Me, and of course to Ben & Lark for sharing their fun film with us.


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