It's official. Graphic designers send the coolest Save The Dates. (Previous evidence here.)

Vanessa of Duk Design created this creative stop motion save the date, full of cute graphics and a relationship's worth of photos for her upcoming nuptials to her beau, Sebastian.

It's a sweet recipe for the perfect relationship all in just 61 seconds!

Save The Date from Vanessa on Vimeo.

In case you're wondering, the amazing dress Vanessa is wearing is not actually her wedding dress ~ I had to check because as at first I thought it was a very bold move on her part! She explained:

It's a vintage 1920's dress I got just because it was so beautiful but I will not be wearing it as my wedding dress. I am so lucky because my fiance's mom is actually a wedding dress designer for L'ezu so she will be designing my real dress!

Lucky lady.

Congratulations to Vanessa and Sebastian, happy planning!

Check out their charming wedding website and see more of Vanessa's fab designs here.