Don't let the S & M, Lady Ga Ga esque accessories put you off…these gowns by Maria Lucia Hohan are the stuff of dreams. Dreams I tell you!

I'm sure I will utter these words many times over throughout my wedding blogging escapades but ‘I wish I'd known about these dresses before I got married.' That's not to say I didn't adore my wedding dress {Sassi Holford you are a legend} but it would've been nice to have had the opportunity to try on one of these gorgeous gowns…just once.

I love the silk ribbons, the bows, the pastel tones {pale blush pink is my favourite colour in the whole world at the moment}, the silhouettes, the ruffles and the reams of frothy tulle!

I'll let the images do the talking while I shed a little tear for the gowns that got away…



{They even do ruffly pastel garters too!}

{All images via Wedding Inspirasi and Maria Lucia Hohan}

I told you, the stuff dreams are made of. Albeit weird ‘too much cheese before bed' dreams involving bunny masks but there's no denying the beauty of these gowns.

Well lucky for me, they have a fashion line too and some gorgeous accessories. So maybe I will get to rock a Maria Lucia Hohan gown one day!

I'd love to hear your thoughts…?

{Maybe you're more of a minimalist bride and all those bows, ribbons and ruffles are the stuff of nightmares!}