You're so excited about marrying the love of your life and you don't care who knows it!

Our resident fashion pro, Bené Eaton is back with some stylish suggestions for flaunting your new marital status…

8 Absolute Must-Haves for Showing off Your New "Wifey" Status

Photo via Hello Fashion Blog | “Wifey” tee via Ily Couture

After marrying the man of my dreams, I was giddy with excitement the very first time I heard him introduce me to someone as his wife.

I wanted to shout with joy from the rooftops!

Naturally, all brides want to show off their newly committed status after they say, “I do.” I’ve rounded up 8 absolute must-haves for flaunting your “wifey” status.

8 Absolute Must-Haves for Showing off Your New "Wifey" Status

The Details: (1) Bracelet: brinandbell via Etsy | (2) iPhone case: Ily Couture | (3) Coffee mug: humanitysource via Etsy | (4) T-shirt: Ily Couture | (5) Tote bag: Ily Couture | (6) Necklace: Rebecca June Design | (7) Luggage tag: Zazzle | (8) Cosmetic bag: Zazzle

Such cuties! The “wifey” tee is the perfect little thing to wear while doing wedding-day makeup and hair. And I love the idea of toting around the “wifey” bag on a honeymoon. Wouldn’t these make great gifts for any future wife? (Hint hint, for all the hubbies-to-be!)

And Ily Couture even do a matching ‘hubby' tee too!

wifey and hubby t shirts

wifey and hubby t shirts by Ily Couture

Photo by Jessa Kae | Wifey and Hubby T-Shirt by Ily Couture

You can shop a few of our favorites in the lookbook.

“Wifey” Products Lookbook