Are you planning to get engagement over the next few months?

(Eeek! We're so excited for you!)

As we approach engagement season (the utterly romantic proposal-inducing time from Christmas to Valentine's Day) we're treating you to some gorgeous ideas for that all important sparkler.

A couple of weeks back we brought you our guide to alternative gemstones, and before that we asked a top jeweller everything you could ever want to know about diamonds.

And today we've got something for those looking for a unique, thoughtful, and impossibly romantic engagement ring.

It's all about acrostics!

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Dearest, The Three Graces, Amour,  Chaumet, Adore, The Three Graces  Love, Lulu Frost

Acrostic rings spell out secret words of love with your chosen gemstones. A is for Amethyst, B is for Beryl, C is for Citrine and so on, to spell out names, or sweet messages.

Acrostic jewellery was first used by French jewellers, Chaumet in the Napoleonic era, when they created love token bracelets for Napoleon's first and second wives, Joséphine and Marie-Louise.

Acrostic jewellery went on to become hugely popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and many gorgeous message rings can still be found tucked away in antique jewellery shops, with classic love words, like Amour, Beloved, Regards, and Dearest.


Acrostic rings, by Jessica McCormack

These sweet rings are making a comeback, and we think they're set to coveted by brides looking for unique engagement rings with personal touches.

Designers like Lulu Frost and Jessica McCormack have created beautiful bespoke modern versions of the rings, while the original acrostic designers, Chaumet have rewritten the alphabet with a new selection of beautiful designs and stones.

Whether you choose a classic phrase, opt for a vintage ring, or create a special secret message all of your own (perhaps a pet name or  sweet in-joke), we can't think of a more thoughtful (and pretty!) token for popping the question.

From Aquamarine to Zircon

Acrostic Engagement Ring | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 2

“Secret” by Lulu Frost

Acrostic Alphabet | Lulu Frost | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Lulu Frost's Bespoke Acrostic Alphabet

The Vintage Edition

Acrostic Engagement Ring | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 1

“Adore” via Erica Weiner

A Modern Twist

Acrostic Engagement Ring | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 4

“Aimer” (To Love in French) by Chaumet

Aren't they beautiful? I just love all the colours, and the fact that they double up as a secret love message is just so romantic!

They'd make a really alternative eternity ring too for those of you already engaged, or you could opt for an acrostic bracelet as a wedding gift – how special would that be?

Let us know, would you “A.D.O.R.E.” an acrostic engagement ring?

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