Many grooms find themselves in quite the quandary when it comes to popping the question.

Perhaps their fiance-to-be wants to choose her own ring, maybe she doesn't often wear rings so he can't get her ring size, perhaps he's popping the question somewhere remote, adventurous (and not very jewellery-friendly).

Or it could be (as in the case of many grooms) that he simply has no idea what kind of ring she'd like but still wants the proposal to be a complete surprise.

You don't need a diamond to get engaged. You don't even need gold or silver.

Enter the proposal ring. Rings to Propose With | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Clockwise from top left: Taken Ring, Sydney Evan for Thomas Laine, Rose Gold Heart, Catbird NYC, Question Ring, Lulu Frost, Nature's Heart Ring Jules Smith, Knot Ring, Yayoi Forest for Catbird NYC, Open Heart Ring, Bittersweets NY for Catbird NYC

A proposal ring is something sweet and sentimental, that doesn't have to cost three months, (or even three days) salary, and will act as a romantic gesture with which to propose and a keepsake of your engagement.

It can be anything from plastic or wood, from simple to symbolic, heck it could be a ring pull or a Funyun!

Thoughtful ideas for “the ring before The Ring” are knots, infinity symbols, birth stones or love hearts.

Lulu Frost creates some pretty number and symbol rings, you could choose to mark how long you've been together or a symbol that means something to both of you.

Infinity Ring by Erica Weiner | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Infinity Bow Rings by 1909 by Erica Weiner

Why You Should Consider a Proposal Ring

Whatever you choose as a proposal ring, it gives you (as the question popper) the opportunity to be spontaneous, without carrying a pricey ring around in your pocket every where you go.

It also means you and your other half can take your time choosing the ring she has to wear forever – it's terrifying enough to ask someone to marry you, without worrying if they'll say yes AND if they'll love their ring.

Opting to ask with a proposal ring eliminates a lot of the worries and questions many grooms have about proposing. It still shows your new fiance that you've thought about her tastes and bought her something special and symbolic, without taking a big risk, plus she has something on her finger while you both select the real deal.

Unique Proposal Rings

Proposal Rings | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 7

Fiona Snow for Designist

Traditional Irish Claddagh rings have, for many years, been worn as a symbol of your relationship status depending on how the heart was turned. This wooden variation by Fiona Snow gives the tradition a fun twist.

Leave the green heart turned out if you're single, or if she says yes, the red heart will ward off any would-be suitors – nerve-wracking perhaps, but pretty cool too!

Proposal Rings | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 9

I Thou Ring by One Origin Jewelry

This sweet I Thou Ring is such a romantic and novel idea, you could include a poem or a love letter telling your partner why you want to spend your life with them – it can even be an I.O.U. for their sparkler! Thomas Laine Proposal Ring Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Shy by Sydney Evan for Thomas Laine

This Love Ring is a simpler version of Lauren Conrad's Thomas Laine ring, and would work so well as a proposal ring, then really gorgeous next to your real engagement ring later on. Two rings are always better than one, right?

So grooms, don't fret over choosing the perfect ring (with the perfect fit), AND planning the perfect proposal – all you need is a simple love token and four special words (that's Will. You. Marry. Me. FYI!) and you're guaranteed a massive YES!

Did you or your other have propose with a temporary ring – we'd love to hear about it.

Oh and if he didn't, and you don't love the ring he chose – we've been there! Here's some advice for when you don't like the ring!

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