Happy Friday everyone!

I've got something a bit different for you this morning. It's a shoot swap with a group of talented, creative UK photographers, Funmi & Adrian of FO Photography & Anneli of Anneli Marinovich Photography who was working alongside her husband, wildlife photographer, Wayne of Marinovich Photography.

{A shoot swap is a shoot where photographers take it in turns to see what it feels like behind the lens & practice their photography/direction skills on each other.}

But this wasn't just any old shoot swap, Funmi from FO Photography wanted to surprise her husband, Adrian, with the shoot as a gift for their second wedding anniversary. However, there was a small catch, Adrian's not so keen on having his photo taken!

Anneli's thoughts: When Funmi called me back in March to tell me about her anniversary masterplan, I was delighted! What a thoughtful idea and how exciting to be involved! I told Wayne all about our “top secret shootswap” and Funmi and I immediately started planning the strategy! {An elaborate 60th birthday party with hundreds of guests as a ruse so as to get Adrian dressed smartly with camera in hand on the day!} We met up in Goldalming {Surrey, England} and when Funmi told Adrian the actual reason for meeting up, it took a few minutes of firm persuasion, but she worked her ‘Funmi magic’ and we set off in no time to start swapping & shooting!

Here are the stunning photos Anneli and Wayne took of Funmi & Adrian {Check out the exquisite headpieces by Vintage tiaras too!}

Funmi explained her outfit choice:

I wore a pair of sequinned black ballet shoes, black pair of trousers & a mustard yellow & cream lace corset, which had been made from my wedding dress! The super talented Cherilyn had made my wedding dress; it felt natural for me to commission her to buy the mustard yellow fabric & incorporate my dress into a stunning corset! Adrian & I are always looking for ways to recycle and reuse and as my wedding dress was hanging in a bag at home, we agreed on the reuse option for it.

I adore these next bright photos of Funmi in a sea of sunshine yellow!

Here's Adrian's perspective on the day:

I was initially annoyed when Funmi told me that we were actually there to be photographed but after 10 minutes, I calmed down…and relaxed into the shoot. It was good to catch up with Anneli & Wayne and I really enjoyed the shoot, though I’ve made Funmi promise not to surprise me like that again! {Read more of Funmi and Adrian's thoughts on their blog}

Funmi has the most wonderful, cheeky smile doesn't she?!

{Photography by Anneli Marinovich Photography}

Anneli said of the shoot: This was my first “surprise shootswap” and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! Funmi & Adrian are a hoot to hang out with, throw in a few vintage tiaras, (compliments of Julia at Vintage Tiaras), my handsome hubby, Wayne, and our cameras and you have a perfect Sunday afternoon!

What a beautiful set of photos and memory for Funmi and Adrian to treasure! I LOVE the vibrant colours and the rich, romantic, black and white photos too.

But Adrian & Funmi were not just there to pose, they also took some fabulous photos of Anneli & Wayne:

Doesn't Anneli look absolutely gorgeous in that sparkly star shaped headpiece?!

I love these next few photos, Anneli looks so angelic and her & Wayne look so loved up, natural and happy.

{And here's a few fun ‘behind the scenes' shots of the shoot}

{By the end of the shoot, Adrian learnt to love being behind the camera!}

{Photography by FO Photography}

Big congratulations to Funmi and Adrian on your two year anniversary!

Thank you so much to Anneli, Wayne, Funmi and Adrian for sharing these beautiful photos today. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to feature FOUR talented photographer's work. Also thank you to Julia of Vintage Tiaras for loaning the gorgeous bridal headpieces.

They may be used to being behind the camera but they certainly look fantastic in front of it too don't you think?!

Please leave them some lovely comments and go visit both FO Photography's blog and Anneli Marinovich Photography's blog for the insider's scoop of the shoot swap. {They happen to be AMAZING wedding photographers too…hint hint!}