Have you ever visited our film gallery? It's brimming with beautiful wedding videos.

Some are really slow and dreamy, others are fast and fun, and some, like today's one by Gione Da Silva, are all about the story.

Jo & Karl were married by her father (who is a Pastor) in a ceremony that was deeply personal (Jo even made Karl's wedding ring!).

Their day was a loving celebration of friends and family; romantic, intimate and super chic.

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But rather that us telling you all about it, we'll pass you over to the man who was behind the camera capturing it all, Gione Da Silva.

From The Filmmaker

This was a very special wedding to me, due to the fact that I was working with a very creative couple. Them choosing me to be part of their day meant a lot!

I met Jo and Karl through a photographer friend of mine. It was instant connection! We had so much in common, including the Christian faith and church denomination. That somehow put me even under more pressure to do a great job and make sure their wedding film was unique and compelling.

Jo is a speech therapist and Karl a fine artist. It’s incredible to experience how they both love life and appreciate their family and friends. It’s rarely that you find people like them two, who are so positive and inspiring in every way.

At the consultation I went ‘crazy’ when Jo told me she was making Karl’s wedding ring. My only regret was not having met them before in order to document the making of the wedding ring. Nonetheless, I was really pleased to be able to tell that story.

Their wedding was true inspiration. They designed and pretty much made everything themselves. Jo also made her wedding shoes, they made the cake together, the table decorations, etc… and it was beautiful!

It was a nature inspired wedding with lots of green, trees, flowers, all fresh! They even ‘imported’ trees (pieces of it) to the church to make it really unique.

Another very interesting fact is that the Pastor is Jo’s father. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him exchange roles and trying to make sure everything run smoothly as possible.

They had their reception at a Christian venue, also surrounded by nature. It was a very happy day! It was easy to see that their guests were having a wonderful time! And what a beautiful bunch!

Jo and Karl’s wedding is a clear testament to what love should be like. All that hard work and effort made their wedding very distinctive and “they did it because they love” each other, their family and their friends!

Handmade Wedding Ring | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Watch Jo & Karl's Wedding Film

Jo + Karl :: Because You Love :: Wedding Film Highlights from Gione da Silva on Vimeo.

Isn't it wonderful! I justlove Jo's hair, the braids and flowers are so pretty. And how amazing is it that she even made her own shoes!

Thanks so much to Gione Da Silva, and of course the gorgeous Jo and Karl for sharing their lovely wedding day with us.

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