Happy Oscar Sunday!

We're so excited about tonight; popcorn, fashion critiquing, and taking bets on who wins, (and who makes the longest speech).

When it comes to weddings, there are no losers (they're all incredible!) but of course every photographer, planner, florist, and videographer will have a few of their favourites from throughout the year.

Couples whose vision they shared, days where the sun shone beautifully, and backdrops that were the perfect canvas for their work.

And talented Portuguese videographers, Vanessa and Ivo of Something Blue have put together all their favourite moments of 2014 into one, dreamy, love-filled film.

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Special moments, the anticipation, the first look, the vows, the kisses, and the dancing, it's all pretty special!

Before you watch this beautiful film, we'll pass you over to Vanessa and Ivo of Something Blue to tell us more about their loved-up year…

From The Filmmakers

2014 filled us with love, work and friendships.

It was the year we moved to Aveiro, after living in Guimarães for an awesome year. We drove for miles in Portugal.

We flew to Barcelona for the wedding of the year! We had more work made for companies, we told the story of Oficina da Formiga, we even made viral video!

We lived the birth of new love with our couple's babies, we exchanged words, photos, news, and we love to know that we are still in their hearts, that they watch and re-watch their wedding video, that they know all the songs from it!

We danced, laughed and cried with the love stories we tell and with our own lives. We chose to be really close to the couples that choose us, having our names as our brand, but always with something blue in our pocket, in our cameras, in our handmade films.

While we believe 2015 is going to be even better, we want to show you some of our favourite moments of 2014.

Wedding Film Inspiration | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 1

Watch Vanessa & Ivo Favourite Wedding Moments of 2014

Carrego o teu coração comigo | Retrospectiva 2014 from Vanessa & Ivo – Handmade Films on Vimeo.

Isn't it just dreamy? So many gorgeous weddings!

Thanks so much to Vanessa and Ivo, and all these beautiful couples for sharing snapshots of their day with us.

Enjoy the show tonight, and don't forget to check out these iconic beauty looks from the red carpet for your wedding.

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