We've got such a gorgeous wedding film to share with you guys, romantic, dreamy, and so, so fun!

Alli & Anthony's Sonoma wedding looks like one of those days when the couple didn't leave eachother's sides from the moment they said ‘I do'.

We're always encouraging brides and grooms to truly soak up every moment of their wedding day, and this loved up pair did just that.

And it was beautifully captured, in a hazy, dreamlike fashion, by Sean Kenney for studioTHP.

Romantic Wedding Film | Sean Kenney for studioTHP | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

With stunning style (we're a tad obsessed with Alli's hair vine!), an incredible setting, and so many fun moments (this cake smoosh is pretty epic and that tower of Champagne is awesome!) there's a lot of great ideas to borrow from Anthony & Allie's big day.

But if you taking nothing else, let it inspire you to only have eyes for eachother – your guests will understand!

Romantic Wedding Film | Sean Kenney for studioTHP | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 4

Before you hit play, we'll pass you over to the talented Sean Kenney of studioTHP to tell us more about this special day…

From the Filmmaker

Alli & Anthony’s wedding was one of the most beautiful events I’ve had the pleasure of filming.

I loved their elegant and classic style, which was perfectly reflected in their choice of venue. They held their wedding at the Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen, which is nestled amongst some of the most scenic landscapes in the Sonoma Valley of California.

As far as filming locations go, I was spoiled for choice. The property features rustic barns, large Colonial-style buildings, lush gardens and a spectacular sunset.

My favorite part of this whole wedding was the way that Alli & Anthony interact and make each other laugh.

I always want each of my couples to have a great time and enjoy every moment of their big day, and I think this video clearly shows that they did.

Romantic Wedding Film | Sean Kenney for studioTHP | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 6

Watch Alli & Anthony’s Romantic Wedding Film

Alli & Anthony – Beltane Ranch Wedding Highlight (Glen Ellen, CA) from studioTHP on Vimeo.

I love how it's been captured as it must have felt to be there in the moment, like a beautiful daydream! California weddings always have the most incredible lighting too – don't you think?

Thanks so much to Sean Kenney for studioTHP and awesome newlyweds, Alli & Anthony, for sharing their big day.

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