I have a penchant for anything retro and quirky in the world of weddings and boy do I LOVE this gem of an idea from Melangerie Inc!

These invitations set the tone for a fun filled wedding in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Guests receive a box instead of an envelope…what's inside? They wonder.

Step 2: They open it up and low and behold it's a bright red, retro fabulous viewfinder.

Step 3: They hold it up to their eyes and there you and your fiance are, smiling back, inviting them to the wedding of the year!

{Aren't those photos adorable?!}

But if couple's don't have pretty engagement photos, they could always include typography {pretty text} or digital photos from their time together, photobooth photos or illustrations…The possibilities are endless!


The finer details of the day such as parking, timings etc. can be included in a note/card inside the box.

Find out more about these fantastic Viewmaster Invitations by Melangerie Inc here. FYI they sell lots of other lovely stuff too!

All photography by Jen Huang, jenhuangphotography.com