What do you do if your closest friends can't travel to your wedding?

You have a whimsical wedding reception in the woods complete with bunting, vintage record player and donuts, of course!

Claire Eliza is the super talented photographer behind these incredibly gorgeous photos, here she explains a little about the day:

Lela and Taylor’s closest friends couldn’t make the trip to their family ceremony, so they held a small reception party in the gorgeous forest of Flagstaff, Arizona. Rather than toasting with the traditional wedding champagne followed by a slice of cake, the two opted for a glass of milk and colorful sprinkle donuts. It was such a beautiful and colorful event!

Dreamy huh?!

Venue: Buffalo Park. Flagstaff, Arizona
Hair & Makeup: Saira Olivares
Jewelry: Ada Rosman Metalsmith & Jewelry Design
Catering: Pioneer Bakery

To see more of Claire Eliza's stunning work, visit her blog.

For those of you having destination or intimate weddings are you planning on having another celebration with your friends?