It's pretty rare that a wedding film is so evocative, stylised and beautiful, that it sparks our imagination and takes us back in time.

When we laid eyes on the first few seconds of Love in Rome by Italian destination wedding filmmakers, Evergreen, we just knew we had share it with you guys.

Playing out like an old Hollywood movie, it captures Victoria and Tony's special day, with all the style, excitement and glamour, you'd dream of from a wedding in Rome.

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Without showing the pre-wedding prep, the ceremony, or even the reception, this film still manages to capture the essence of the day; Romance.

You'll see for yourself why we love this film so much, but first up, we'll let the lovely Luigia Pansera of Evergreen, tell us a little more about this treat of a film…

Old Movie Style Wedding Film | Love in Rome | Evergreen | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 1

From the Filmmakers

Everything is perfect in this elegant destination wedding Rome – the sounds, the light, the colors – everything takes us back to the Dolce Vita 60s.

Piazza del Popolo is full of tourists who welcome the newlyweds with enthusiasm and joy. Everyone wants to capture their exit from the church like paparazzi.

After their ceremony, Victoria and Tony explored the streets of Rome in a vintage Jaguar, escorted by two original Vespas.

Then, they celebrated with family and friends at the Castello di Torcrescenza in Rome. We invite you to dive into this love story, in the city of eternal love.

Watch Victoria and Tony's Gorgeous Retro Wedding Film

LOVE IN ROME | Trailer from Evergreen on Vimeo.

Isn't it just captivating? I love that you're nearly 90 seconds in before you even see the couple, such a beautiful build-up!

Thanks so much to Evergreen, and of course Victoria and Tony for sharing their Roman wedding film with us.

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