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Your wedding morning… it's probably the most exciting few hours of your life.

You'll wake up way too early, you'll be much too nervous to eat, and despite all your planning, you'll realise you forgot to pack your hair clips/lip gloss/garter.

But you know what, none of that will matter because, today is your best day ever!

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To get your day off to the perfect start, you need a stress-free morning, relaxing and beautifying with your bridesmaids/family/other half.

And to ensure a calm morning, with lots of fun memories (and zero beauty disasters!) there are a few things we reckon you should include in your kit (along with all your make-up and hair products of course!).

After all, if you can't vow to give yourself the best care on your wedding day, when can you?

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash | Wedding Prep Essentials | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Our Pick of Wedding Morning Essentials

1. Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash – because you might not know it, but your pre-wedding beauty routine starts in the shower! With exfoliating beads, this gentle formula has a rich lather and smoothes dull, dry skin.

2. Portable speakers like these ones from Beats – for blasting your pre-wedding tunes! Be sure to ask one of your bridesmaids to follow our Getting Ready Playlist on Spotify.

3. Last minute beauty tools from ASOS – spare lashes, curlers, tweezers and nail files are all a must!

4. A gorgeous robe to get ready in – we love the idea of matching up with your leading ladies (check out Plum Pretty Sugar for ideas.)

5. Bubbly – obviously! We love pink Cava for the pics – Freixenet is especially fizzy.

6. The all-important bag-banishing cucumbers – keep them in the fridge for added cooling properties.

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Start Your Pre-Wedding Prep in the Shower

A lot of work goes into prepping your wedding day look. From finding your dress and choosing your hairstyle, to going for facials months in advance and booking tan or manicure appointments in the days before your wedding.

But given all the excitement and busyness of the day itself, so much effort goes into your hair and make-up but not so much thought goes into caring for the rest of your skin.

But giving yourself that bridal glow on your wedding morning doesn't have to take much time, effort or even money – in fact, you can do it in the shower!

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Instant Smoother Skin

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash gives you softer, smoother skin after just one shower. Featuring an improved body wash formula, Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash is even gentler on your skin (perfect for your big day!). In fact, Dove Body Wash won a Brides Beauty Award this year.

It’s also great because you don’t need to spend your wedding day wasting time with body brushes or expensive products.

With mild cleansers and NutriumMoisture, the body wash gives skin natural nourishment, while gentle exfoliating beads smooth dull, dry skin – essential if you’re showing some skin in a sleeveless or backless wedding dress.

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Photo and dress by Milamira Bridal 

Find Calm in the Chaos

With all the chaos of a bridal suite (think Moms fretting, three hair-dryers on the go, and flower girls twirling in their dresses!) your shower is probably one of the few times on your wedding day, you'll actually be alone with your thoughts – so make the most of it!

Get a gorgeous robe, some fluffy towels (maybe even light some candles!) and set aside at least 20 minutes for a long shower – when it comes to your most special day, it matters where you start.

If you're having an updo, your hairstylist will probably ask you not to have freshly washed hair on the day, so be sure to tuck it up in a shower cap (so glam!).

Try to have any shaving or hair removal done in advance, so you don't have to worry about any redness on the day.

With a rich lather, using Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash, will not only leave your skin softer and smoother, but it provides the mildness your skin needs before your big day. Dove Body Washes use only the gentlest ingredients to cleanse, while minimizing dryness.

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Time to Get Ready

Once you've had your shower, your skin is prepped and glowing and ready to look gorgeous in your dress (smooth skin really shines in silk!).

Next, continue with hair and make-up, pop open that bubbly, and of course, don't forget to hit play on our pre-wedding playlist.

Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time on the morning for any last minute mishaps – you don't want to be too fashionably late for your own wedding.

You'll also need lots of room in your timeline for gifting your bridesmaids, taking lots of snaps, and maybe even a few happy tears!

Oh, and if you are feeling anxious or stressed, check out our pre-wedding meditation guide to calm your nerves.

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Have you any tips for getting ready on the morning of your wedding? We'd love to hear them!

Find out more about Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash on their website, and check out more pretty products to use, not just on your wedding day, but in the lead up too.

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