Chesca and Becca are the talented sisters behind Dolecka and they specialize in beautiful, handmade bridal accessories.

They are experts at helping brides to complete their wedding day look so I'm thrilled to share their fabulously useful top accesory tips on Bridal Musings!

I absolutely ADORE Dolecka accessories {I've featured some of my favourites here} and you couldn't wish for two nicer ladies to help you make those all-important accessory choices ~ I speak from personal experience.

Chesca actually helped me to choose my own wedding day headwear to compliment my Sassi Holford lace dress and cathedral length veil ~ two beautiful Dolecka flowers, one ivory and one blush pink, for a dreamy, romantic look…

{Photo by Funky Photographers}

Anyway, enough about my wedding ~ lets take a look at Dolecka's top accessory tips for all you brides to be:

{All the photos have been supplied by real Dolecka brides ~ see more on the Dolecka Facebook page}

♥ Choose your dress first

Sounds obvious it's true, but both of us find brides all the time who have fallen for some tiara or chunky necklace at a wedding fair and then when they come for dress fittings, find the piece doesn't go with their outfit at all. If you're stuck, ask your fitter. Bridal consultants should know their collections and what pieces go best with the dress!

♥ Keep it real, but be brave!

Chesca: Don't choose fantasy pieces which will make you feel like someone else on the day. If your natural style is, well, natural- then keep it that way. Accessories should enhance your look, make you feel special, but not make you feel as if you are in fancy dress! Saying that, We am a firm believer that you should take your look further than you would for every day wear, as a bride. it is your opportunity to wear things you always coveted but never had the occasion to go to. So as long as you keep your choice true to yourself , then let yourself go for it…

Becca: I agree-it's too easy to get seduced by a little sparkle! Try to remember well crafted hand made pieces or real vintage will stand the test of time in your photos. Fashion led pieces will date faster than your dress ever can…

♥ Tiaras are not the only Fruit

Although they are making a comeback (thank the Royal wedding for that) you do not need to worry that you need to don a crown on the day. We are seeing a huge trend towards softer, more vintage or bohemian pieces. Flowers, feathers and fascinators are all coming firmly back into favour and, despite what most girls think, there are plenty of fascinators which can be worn with a veil, should you want.

♥ Go to the movies!

One of our best places for inspiration… we can often be found sitting in front of an old film (any exuse!) as no one did it better than old Hollywood (or Bollywood). Find your star match. Are you a Monroe or a Russell? A Clara Bow or a Tallulah Bankhead? Which Hepburn are you- Audrey or Katherine? We can guarantee these beauties will be wearing accessories to inspire your look.

Splash on the colour!

Becca: Many brides are veering away from the classic ivory shoes which will never be worn again, and deciding on a wonderful bold splash of colour.
You can blend the whole look by repeating this colour in a headpiece like a flower, or even a sash.
Hot pink has been a particular favourite this year with a few of my brides choosing fantastic hot pink heels with matching flowers and even fingernails!

Chesca: Colour accents are a big theme at the moment. Black can make for a simple and bold move, creating a late 50s Audrey Hepburn era feel to events. Muted and pastel tones can create warmth and romance-think lace and softs pinks or greens for a bohemian beauty. Brights will add modernity to your look, perfect teamed with a simple and classic dress.

{Photo by Natalie Sternberg Photography}

♥ Costume change!

Becca: Having trouble choosing which type of accessories to have? And which type of bride you want to be? Why not have two looks!
Many of our brides this year have wanted to look more traditional and classic during the ceremony, but would like to be more relaxed and feel more like a bombshell at the reception.

It's so easy to acheive really- with the same dress, bolero or shrug, a veil and classic tiara or comb you can keep yourself demure for the day. For the party, with veil and bolero removed, you can swap your tiara for a fasinator or flowers, add a sash really glam up your look to dance the night away!

{Photo by Laura Dodsworth via Ebury Collection}

Chesca: Choose definite day and night pieces. A key piece of feature jewellery like a necklace is a very effective way of transforming a bridal look to something more glamourous and less formal.

♥ Don't forget to have a little fun with it. This is your day to shine so go for it!

Such great advice!

I must say a great BIG thank you to Chesca and Becca for taking the time to share these tips today. To see more beautiful, handmade accessories check out the Dolecka website and Facebook Page {and why not click ‘like' while you're there} :)

Have you got any tips or advice from your own accessory hunt?