So this is the first official ‘Our Wedding Story' post. Go on, indulge the story teller in me!

Zee & I on Aberystwyth beach. What a perfect day. (2004)

This is what we wrote to our guests on our wedding website, entitled ‘Our Love Story':

Dear friend,

This is a love story about an English rose and an Arabian prince.

Once upon a time there was a girl from London (Essex really but she seldom admits it) and a boy from a Middle Eastern land far far away.

Of all the places for love to blossom, Aberystwyth, a tiny seaside town in Wales with a dramatic cliff top view, a pub round every corner and a giant angel looking out to sea, was where their story began.

She was an English Literature student. He studied business and economics. She enjoyed dancing to cheesy music at the Union. He frequented the grungiest bar in Ceredigion, The Bay.  Together they proved that old adage ‘opposites attract’.

The Arab prince wooed the English rose with his extensive CD collection with everything from James Brown to Roots Manuva and introduced her to exotic things such as shisha pipes, mint tea and the Apple Mac/i Phone.

The English rose impressed the Arab prince with her uncanny ability to predict ‘whodunnit’ in movies and introduced him to a few of her favourite things; Putney Sunday’s with family and friends, boat trips and Kinder chocolate.

Seven years passed full of love, laughter, tears, a masters, a PGCE, various entrepreneurial activities and a new addition to the story, Rufus, the playful pup.

The young protagonists felt truly blessed; they had found love and happiness, what more could they ask for?
Last August, on the beautiful Amalfi coast, on a boat just for two, the Arabian prince asked the English rose to be his princess, making her officially the happiest girl in the world.

On August 1st 2010 we want to invite all those people who have played a part in our love story to join us as we celebrate our marriage with roses, mint tea, shisha pipes and a very eclectic music selection!

Thank you for being part of our happily ever after…

Love Elizabeth (aka the English Rose) and Zee (aka the Arab Prince)

It's very soppy, I know. But I couldn't help it. I was all loved up and excited to marry the man I loved!

Elizabeth x