It's been three years since I said ‘I do'.

Three years since our first kiss as husband and wife.

photo by Funky Photographers

Three years of new beginnings, letting go of past mistakes, travel, adventure and building a home together in each other's arms*.

It's not all been sunshine and roses, there have been plenty of tough times and arguments but we've weathered the storms together and it feels great to know we're a team for life.

Weddings are wonderful but marriage is AMAZING.

I didn't think it was possible but three years on and I love Zee even more than I did on August 1st 2010.

Happy Anniversary to the man I love.

(Zee and I on a sunset sail in Hawaii last month)

I'd like to take a little trip down memory lane today, if you'll indulge me a little – here's the story of Zee and I condensed into a few posts…

Our Love Story

The Proposal

The Engagement Ring Saga (aka what to do when you don't like the ring)

Our Wedding – The Inspiration Board

Our Wedding – Getting Ready

Our Wedding – The Ceremony

Our Wedding – Dinner & Dancing

Our Wedding – The Movie

Have a wonderful day! x

ps. Normal posting will resume tomorrow…I was just feeling a little soppy!

* More on that in another post – we're actually between homes at the moment, doing lots of travelling and exploring. (And loving it!)