This rock the dress shoot is full of charm and whimsy. There are lots of colourful flowers, lanterns and distressed frames hanging from the tree tops. At certain points during the shoot, the bride, Heather, looks like she's wandering through an enchanted forest in her beautiful full skirted ‘fairytale' dress. While other shots have that gorgeous rustic barn feel.

Jessie Holloway, the talented lady behind the lens, explains a bit more about the shoot, which took place in Nashville, Tennessee, USA:

We wanted to do something whimsical, colorful and fun. This is at the same location as her engagements, but the theme is different yet similar. She loves the rustic feel of this area, and with the help of her mother and her husband, Bruce's mother, we were able to shoot in such an awesome location and end with a still pristine, white dress. It was the powers of all women combined :) I had so much fun, and Heather and Bruce make for one beautiful married couple!

Absolutely beautiful. I can't believe after all that, they managed to keep Heather's dress pristine ~ that's impressive!

Thank you to Jessie of Jessie Holloway Photography for sharing these gorgeous images today. Check out her website and Facebook page to keep up to date on all her latest shoots.

{Submitted via Two Bright Lights}