I've found myself going back to this image on Pinterest again and again because, well, it just makes me happy!

So I thought it was high time I shared it with you all in the hopes of spreading the joy!

Such a simple idea but so very pretty…

Why not adorn a simple, white wedding cake with colourful vintage stamp garlands?! Genius.

I absolutely adore the garland above with it's rainbow colours but maybe you'd prefer to have one colour to match your wedding palette, like these lovely garlands:

Or, the perfect choice for a travel themed wedding is this dainty vintage map bunting:

How cute is that?!

These are all available from D Sharp, where you'll find lots of other chic little things. But I feel I must point out these garlands may be easy on the eye but they are not exactly easy on the wallet ~ starting from $75. {Vintage stamps are expensive!}

If you'd like to go down the DIY route here's a fab post on where to find vintage stamps ~ check out the comments too as readers made some great suggestions. And FYI Vintage esque maps can be found from a quick Google search.

I'd only order say 5-10 stamps then photocopy a whole batch of them to print out and cut into the desired shape ~ a triangular cut out ‘flag' shape works really well. Then attach them to a piece of coloured string/twine and use tooth picks {with the ends covered in icing} to hold up the garlands from within the cake.

You could also use your vintage stamp print outs on envelopes/invites/name cards ~ the possibilities are endless!

Who says stamp collecting isn't cool?!