Rebellious red footwear goes against the unwritten, outdated rule that bridal shoes have to be white, satin, pointy toed and practical and that groomal shoes {go with me here ~ it's my new word} have to be formal, black and boring.

Thank goodness more and more brides and grooms are embracing coloured footwear…

I'd love to see more coloured wedding dresses too!

Anyway, onto the red hot shoes {and a little bit of swooning over that dress is to be expected}:

{Photography by Tanja Lippert via Style Me Pretty}

This couple's shoes are a reflection of their AWESOME wedding, whereby rules were broken and outrageously fun times were had! So I urge you to go see the rest over on Style Me Pretty {it's not SMP's usual style so I love them all the more for featuring it!}

But wait…want to see more shoes?

There's more Tuesday Shoesday loveliness here:

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