Holy Moly. It's getting close.

As I type this with my freshly manied red nails (did you see our trip to Blush & Blow on Snapchat?), I'm just three weeks out from our wedding, and as you can imagine, I'm feeling ALL the emotions.

So I figured for today's Real Bride Diary, I'd keep it light with a little beauty chatter, and share a little more about my hair, make-up and accessory plans for the wedding.

Hair and Make-up Inspiration | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

I don't expect to look quite like this, but I am going for a similar colour for my flower crown and flowy waves for my hair.

Photo by Kelsea Holder Photography via Wedding Chicks

July 7th: Three Weeks To Go

My current obsession: Trying to swap out nerves for excitement.

Marko’s current obsession: He's still blasting that wedding playlist! 

This week we’re mostly: Shopping for gifts for the people who've helped us along the way.

Wedding Style Ideas | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

I don't think we'll look quite so cool, but we're sure going to try! 

Photo by Carly Brown via The Lane

So, I'm tying in my accessories with my hair and make-up post, because really for me (as with our wedding decor) my look is all about a vibe rather than having a certain lip colour or hair style.

And that vibe is a little glam and a lot boho, with relaxed waves, natural sunkissed make-up with dramatic eyes, and eclectic (unbridal) accessories.

As I said in my wedding dress shopping post, when I started planning my look I wanted it to be just a more put-together version of my everyday style.

Wedding Style Inspiration || Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 2

Photo by Carly Brown via The Lane

The Accessories

While my inner bride is thoroughly channelled in the long white dress, when it comes to my shoes and jewellery, they're the kind of things I'd wear any day of the week.

For my flower crown (which is something I have been known to wear to the pub of a Wednesday evening), I'm going with deep pink hues and lots of greenery. I want it to make a statement and not be too small, without looking too big or silly.

For my jewellery, I'm wearing my usual arsenal of assorted gold and rose gold rings, and I've bought the most gorgeous khaki green, beaded tassel earrings from J Crew (you can see them in the snap below).

My shoes are chunky suede lace-up sandals (fun fact: I'm breaking them in right now as I sit at my desk, but they're actually pretty comfy!).

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Hair Make-up and Accessories || Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

The Make-up

My face has been one of by biggest sources of wedding worry over the last year. That sounds a tad dramatic, but anyone who's struggled with acne will agree with me, having bad skin that can seriously get you down and wreak havoc on your confidence.

So while I wanted a natural, dewy, sun-kissed look for the wedding, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off when I needed so much coverage.

Luckily, after persisting with my GP, (trying about four different cocktails of creams and tablets), then visiting a dermatologist, and being incredibly strict with my skincare, I'm finally (mostly!) pimple free.

Now that could change when we fly home to get hitched, I only have to look at an airplane and I break out!

While I do have quite a bit of scarring left over, I've luckily found the amazing Cara at Brown Sugar in Dublin, where I'll be getting my hair and make-up done on the morning of the wedding. (I way preferred the idea of going out to a salon rather than have the pros come to our hotel).

As a former sufferer of bad skin, she totally got my anguish and from my trial with her, I know she's going to make me look and feel gorgeous on the day.

Below are some of the celebrities I'm hoping to channel with my make-up…

Celebrity Make-up Inspiration

Celebrity Make-up Inspiration | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Adele and Ellie Goulding are my wedding beauty spirit celebrities!

The Hair

My wedding day hair will be pretty straight forward. Down, wavy, done!

I have pretty long and quite straight hair, so I've long-since lamented the idea that my curls will last all day, but I'm hoping I can start with glamorous waves and maybe go to bed with at least beachy ones.

A girl can dream!


Dress & Photo by Bo & Luca via Bridal Musings

Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments are never really something I've indulged in. I do my own nails, I'm terrified of facials (on account of said acne!), I only get my hair cut every eight months or so, and my dry heels tend to be left in sinfully bad condition.

All that has changed over the last few months, and I'm now entirely addicted to visiting beauty salons.

Blush & Blow London | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 2

Blush & Blow London | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 3

Blush & Blow London | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

A few snaps from Blush & Blow in London

Just yesterday I got a gorgeous Shellac mani (it was at Blush & Blow in London, it's such a nice salon, the staff are awesome and they have the coolest bathrooms!), next week I'm booked into the hairdressers, and the week after that, I've eyebrow threading (I've been dedicated to growing my brows with Brow Bar's growth oil!).

Luxury pedicures are my new favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning.

While it does feel a little indulgent, it's been really nice to have an excuse to take time out, splash a little cash and look after myself. And while I may not have as many mani-pedis after the wedding, I'll certainly be keeping up my newfound penchant for pro treatments.

Brides and grooms, you need to milk this time and thoroughly treat yourselves. I give you permission to pamper!

Hair & Makeup for Brides | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

This whole look is entirely my vibe!

Photo by Stone Fox Bride

If you'd like to hear me wax on more about pre-wedding beauty, you should listen to me and Aleisha, from the Bridechilla Podcast, having lots of wedding chatter over facials and white wine!

Oh and if you're wondering what I'll be listening to as I get my hair and make-up done. This is it. 

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