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10 Dos and Don’ts for Creating Your Wedding Registry

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, creating your wedding registry is undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of wedding planning.

But being given free reign to snap up your dream dinner service or living room decor, can be a bit more daunting than it seems.

So to help you make the most of your gift list, get the items you really want, and choose a registry service with added benefits, we’re teaming up with our friends at The Wedding Shop to bring you our essential dos and don’ts.

So before you start choosing food processors and dreaming of giant wine glasses (the bigger the better if you ask me!), make sure you read this first…

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1. Do Make It Personalised

You might be more interested in a quality set of luggage for your next big adventure, than a quality set of cookware for your next Sunday lunch, and that’s okay. Your wedding registry is a chance to curate a list of things you love, so it really should be personalised.

Tailor your gift list to your own tastes, passions and lifestyle, so that as your guests browse through, there’s a element of you and your other half in every single item.

Your guests will feel so much more excited about buying you a quirky lamp or a bright pink blender that they know you’ll love, than feeling unsure about a more generic gift.

2. Don’t Forget To Think of the Future

Adding a personal feel to your gift list, doesn’t mean it can’t be future-proof too. The team at The Wedding Shop told me that the most common mistake couples make, is only adding things they need now.

So while you might already have some crockery in your kitchen cupboard, and your mis-matched wine glasses are good enough to do the trick when your friend comes over with a bottle of Malbec, you shouldn’t just consider what you need for your current home or lifestyle.

Think about when you get a bigger place, maybe have a family, or start to host guests. Choosing ‘grown-up’ pieces like a dinner service, gorgeous glassware, or luxurious bed linen doesn’t have to mean you’re ready to settle down in your forever home just yet. But they will be pretty fabulous to have to hand, when you are.

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3. Do Include Experiences

The Wedding Shop offer some amazing experiences for your honeymoon and beyond, so make sure you include a few memory-making elements to your gift registry.

Ease away your post-wedding blues with a weekend break in Europe, a luxurious spa day, a helicopter ride or a sushi masterclass.

Couples can choose individual experiences, or set up funds for honeymoons, day trips, adventure activities, foodie gifts or classes.

There really is something for every idea you might have on your bucket list, from Michelin star dining or visiting Wimbledon to learning to be a spy or smoking a rare cigar.

They’ve even got a trip to the edge of space.

4. Don’t Think It’s Rude to Ask for Cash

If you’re buying your first home, working on a renovation project, planning a big trip or saving up to start a family, it makes sense to receive cash gifts for your wedding.

Some couples feel awkward about requesting money, and while in reality, it’s the same thing as asking for ‘stuff’, I know there is a tricky etiquette around how to do it in a polite way.

Luckily, choosing a service like The Wedding Shop means it’s all done for you, in a way that’s subtle and classy. By setting up a fund for your home, garden or honeymoon, guests will feel like they’re really investing in something bigger, rather than simply handing over cash in an envelope.

Plus, you can pair your fund with a selection of homewares to give your guests the choice of combining both a cash gift and a present, or simply buying a gift instead.

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5. Do Include a Range of Prices

You might have expensive tastes (I’m definitely guilty of this!) or you may have more simple leanings, either way, make sure you cater for guests with all kinds of budgets in your wedding registry.

You don’t want your guests to feel like there’s a minimum spend to attend your wedding, so add lots of items under £50 so that they have plenty of choices for an affordable gift that still feels special.

It’s good to include a couple of items too in a higher price range too, even if you feel like it’s a lot to ask.

Giving your guests plenty of options is key. They may put a few smaller items together as a single present, a group of friends might club together for a more expensive gift or indeed a close friend or relative might want to spoil you with something at the top end of your list.

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6. Don’t Forget to Look for Inspiration

We all have an idea in our head of what our gift registry should look like, (for some reason I never think to look past the kitchen and dining sections!), but the options really are endless.

When you start to compile your registry, keep an open mind, and look out for inspiration for items you’d never have considered including.

The Wedding Shop have some great curated edits on their site from their own staff and industry experts, while we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites in our dedicated gift registry hub.

Whether it’s looking to sound-systems and furniture or barbecues and board games, thinking outside the box means you’ll receive gifts for all elements of your life, not just your kitchen cupboards or dining table.

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7. Do Plan Ahead

When people are plotting out their wedding planning timeline, they know when to book a photographer, shop for a dress and send out the invitations. But when do you organise your gift registry?

The Wedding Shop recommends you get started as early as possible, that way you and your partner can discuss things over with your advisor, and take time to compile your list at your leisure. This is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, remember? So you really don’t want to feel rushed.

You’ll also need to include the details of your gift registry on your invitations or wedding website, so make sure everything is ready to go before your stationery goes off to the printers.

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8. Don’t Do It Alone

For some couples this goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many brides take a wedding registry and run with it!

Make sure you sit down with your other half, whether it’s in-store or online and compile your gift registry together.

Talk about what you need for your current home, or might like for a future one, chat about your tastes, preferred colours, and homeware styles, and plan out your experience gifts together.

If you find your gift registry is leaning more in the direction of one your styles, add a few favourites of the other’s to correct the balance.

Even if your other half is indifferent, chances are they’ll get excited about some cool barware, nifty electronics, or a fun weekend getaway.

9. Do Look for a Reputable Registry Service

So as you might have guessed, The Wedding Shop is our gift registry service of choice. You’ll find all the reasons we love them here, but one of the biggest is that they guarantee 100% security for you and your guests.

The Wedding Shop hold your guests’ payments in a trust until after you settle your registry, which means there’s no risk of losing your money. Not all wedding registries offer this, so it’s important to make sure you’re protected.

Wherever you choose to host your gift list, look for a service that offers total peace of mind, with additions like excellent customer support, free storage, complimentary delivery, and zero fees.

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10. Don’t Be Disappointed

Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, or indeed a few days after your wedding, there are times when you don’t get quite the gift you were looking for.

You may want to complete dining or cookware sets, or get a second lamp to match the one given to you by your auntie. That’s no problem.

The Wedding Shop allow customers to change their minds after their big day, and swap gifts for the most-wanted items on their registry.

Alternatively, if there’s something you really wanted that nobody purchased, you can decide to buy it yourself with a 10% lifetime discount.

Your list can stay open for up to 12 months after your wedding date and your advisor will help you with any changes you’d like to make among The Wedding Shop’s branded products.

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