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Why You Should Consider Putting Furniture on your Wedding Registry

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When you think of what you buy as a wedding gift, or indeed what to add to your own wedding registry, there are a few items that easily come to mind.

The old staples like toasters and cutlery sets, the classic upgrades like pots, pans and glassware, or the more contemporary choices, like artwork or experience gifts.

But while you might not think of beds, sofas, dining tables, chairs, or cabinets – today, I’m here to tell you why furniture is such a sublime choice of wedding gift.

I’m thoroughly converted and I think you will be too – so we’ve teamed up with our long-time friends at The Wedding Shop to give you some ideas for gorgeous furniture gift buys.

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Something Truly Special

So you might think of furniture as quite a practical buy (mattresses aren’t the kind of thing you unwrap, right?) but a piece of furniture can also be such a personalised and emotive purchase.

Think of a dining table where you’ll share boozy suppers with friends, long lunches with family, and maybe one day, messy breakfasts with kids.

A beautiful sideboard, that will move with you from your current flat to your forever home, and find its own nook wherever you live in between.

A signature sofa, that will see years of cosy evenings in, endless movie nights or afternoons curled up with a book.

A furniture gift is something that pays homage to the longevity of marriage, the permanence of a home, and all the stories you’ll have to tell over the years – that’s pretty special, don’t you think?

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Group Gifting

Now I know what you’re thinking.

While a cool side table or simple wine rack might be okay to put on your gift registry, a three-piece suite, luxury bed, or solid wood cabinet is too pricey to request as a gift, right? Wrong!

The Wedding Shop offer a clever group gifting option, so gangs of your friends or family can all contribute towards bigger gifts.

Likewise, you can set up a cash fund for your home, and put it towards big ticket items you might not add as a single gift.

The Wedding Shop also offers couples a lifetime discount of 10%, so even if you don’t get to kit out your entire home with your wedding gifts, you can always revisit it down the line.

The traditional gift for your 5th anniversary is wood – just an FYI!

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Get Creative

While standard beds, tables, and sofas might be top of your list of furniture needs, a furniture gift can be so much more creative than that.

Signature picks make more personalised gifts, whether it’s a stand alone chair, a cool coffee table or a vintage style chest.

Don’t forget your garden too, The Wedding Shop has a gorgeous selection of garden furniture, from day beds to swings.

Try not to be afraid to add personality to your choices, whether it’s with geometric shapes, bright colours or unusual prints. I love the idea of a pink velvet chair, mustard headboard or duck egg dresser.

This is the chance to get the stuff you *really* want, but might be afraid to splash out on yourself!

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Finding Your Favourites

Of course, choosing key items for your home like couches, bed and cabinets can be daunting, so make sure you do your research ahead of time.

Figure out the kind of style and feel you want from the different rooms in your home, and visit interiors blogs or take a look at Pinterest for ideas on an overall aesthetic, rather than simply choosing separate pieces at random.

The Wedding Shop offer a vast selection of renowned furnishing brands for you to choose from like OKA, India Jane or Eichholtz, along with newer brands that are definitely worth checking out.

Among them, One.World, think beautiful old world pieces, The House, who have chic neutral pieces and cool decorative details, or Umbra who create really unique, quirky homewares.

For something entirely different to get you started, The Wedding Shop also offers the gift of a Homewings consultation, where an interior designer will give you ideas to style and transform your home – pretty cool, right?

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For more ideas on both unique and practical furniture gifts, visit The Wedding Shop website – you’ll also get lots more tips for putting together your ideal gift registry.

Oh and while we’re at it, don’t forget to check out our dedicated wedding registry page, with our favourite picks from across The Wedding Shop (we want them all!).

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