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Why Every Groom Should Wear A Slim Fit Suit

Men’s Wearhouse

When I was looking for a wedding dress, I knew my a-line from my mermaid style, and my illusion neckline from my cowl back (FYI those are wedding dress styles, gents!).

But when it came to shopping for suits with my husband, it wasn’t quite so straight-forward. Especially because he was looking for something cool, current, and stylish – but comfortable too.

So many grooms see pictures of guys in suits with skinny cropped legs and snug fit blazers or classic tuxedos with a modern feel, but they don’t quite know what to ask for when it comes to buying or renting their wedding day attire.

The truth? The only suit or tux a groom needs to know about is a slim fit suit.

Because, contrary to popular belief, a slim fit suit or tux is not about painted-on trousers and a too-tight jacket. It’s about great tailoring, a flattering fit, and a modern look.

To prove it, we’ve joined forces with Men’s Wearhouse to talk you through why we’re all about slim fit suits and tuxedos for 2017.


All About the Fit

As the team at Men’s Wearhouse told us, “It really is all about the fit. The saying “the suit makes the man” is right: a badly-fitted suit actually can make you look less dressed-up than no suit at all.”

No matter what kind of suit or tuxedo you’re looking for, the most important thing is that it’s a good fit.

You don’t want it looking oversized and slouchy, but likewise you don’t want it to be too tight. A slim fit suit should be comfortable and have movement – you need to be able to break out those moves on dancefloor without splitting your pants.

(True story: this happened to my husband at our friends’ wedding during a dance off. He spent the rest of the night in jeans!)

Before you start your suit search, sure you get properly measured (don’t try to measure yourself!) – visit a Men’s Wearhouse store or use their nifty Fit Evaluator to help you make your order online.


Quick Guide to the Slim Fit

So what’s a slim fit all about?

Just like it sounds, a slim fit suit or tuxedo is fitted closer to the body, without excess fabric. That doesn’t mean it’s quite as skin tight as a superhero bodysuit though, you should still be able to use your arms.

A slim fit goes particularly well with a skinny tie or dickie bow, and can be worn with a more trendy shoe choice as well as classic footwear. Maybe even add a Don Draper-esque pyramid fold pocket square?

For the jacket, skinny fit suits have a narrower coat and higher arm holes for an extra trim look, And for the pants, think slim fit trousers with a low rise and a narrower leg.

It works well as a two or three piece suit, and looks great in a tuxedo. Best of all, a slim fit suit, can be dressed up or down to tie in with the vibe of your wedding.


Every Guy Suits a Slim Fit

A slim fit suit or tux is so versatile.

A slim fit can be worn by lots of different body types, slimming down larger shapes while not swamping slimmer frames – slim fit suits aren’t just for guys who are built like male models.

Whether you’re super slim, a little built or a larger fellow, they are ultra flattering on every guy and make every groom who wears them feel like a rockstar.

While some guys will worry that a slim fit suit is too trendy, the slim fit has been around for so long, it’s now a contemporary classic.

Whether you’re a dapper kind of guy, more simple in style, or looking for something a little more edgy, by simply tweaking the colour, pattern or accessorising of a slim fit tux or suit, you can pair it to any style of groom or groomsman.


A Designer Touch

Men’s Wearhouse is a go-to for suit and tuxedo rentals and purchases for your entire bridal party.

With their extensive collection, they’re pretty well-placed to help you find the perfect attire for your big day.

But where Men’s Wearhouse really stands out is their selection of movie-star worthy designer suits and tuxes. With slim fits from brands like BLACK by Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Joseph Abboud, even the most refined groom will find something to suit his tastes.

I’m pretty partial to this navy Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedo with black lapel – you could picture it on a red carpet, right? This dapper Black by Vera Wang Gray Tux is a stylish rental option and a modern take on the classic black tux.

And if you want to rock something really special, take a look at the Men’s Wearhouse custom suit selection for a made to measure, bespoke touch.

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So, now you’re versed in all things slim fit, all you have to do is choose your favourite suit or tuxedo, pick a colour and fabric, and find your accessories – easy!

Men’s Wearhouse can help you with all of that, and then some.

Their service is second to none with stores throughout the US and international shipping to over 150 countries. Their site is filled with inspiration and advice, so make sure you check that out too, for their latest styles and designer collections.

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