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Making Your Gift Registry; The In-Store Experience

The Wedding Shop Showroom 9

If you’re a regular reader of Bridal Musings, you’ll know that over the last few months we’ve been partnering with The Wedding Shop to talk all things gift registries.

We’ve shared our dos and don’ts for compiling your gift list, we’ve talked about why furniture makes a pretty special wedding gift, we’ve waxed lyrical about honeymoon funds, and we’ve shopped our way through this year’s biggest homeware trends.

So today’s post is a little bit different.

Having had the pleasure of visiting most of The Wedding Shop’s showrooms, I wanted to share a little about the in-store experience they offer for planning your wedding registry.

These days we do almost everything online, especially when it comes to wedding planning (hello Google spreadsheets!). And while The Wedding Shop have a fantastic website with their full collection available to view online, there’s something pretty exciting about taking time out to put together your ultimate wedding gift wishlist with a professional.

The Wedding Shop Showroom 19

Each of The Wedding Shop showrooms has its own look and feel.

Fulham Road is a chic high street store, the Dublin showroom is a whole house, complete with bedroom, kitchen, living space and dining room decked out in potential wedding gifts, and the Oxford Street showroom in Selfridge’s is a luxurious hideaway from the bustle of the store.

And I’ve still to visit The Wedding Shop in Edinburgh – but as the newest showroom, I bet it’s just as inviting as the others.


The Wedding Shop Showroom 21

The Wedding Shop’s highly-trained advisors are so welcoming – and knowledgable.

Carmel, who I met in the Dublin store – and was kind enough to do a Q&A for our Instagram Stories – has worked in gift lists for years. She knows every brand, every dining set, and every glassware collection inside out – it’s pretty impressive!

The great thing about an in-store appointment is that you can sit down with an advisor, talk about your style, how you live and what you want from your registry – even if it’s more experience-based than homeware heavy.

What I found most helpful about the showrooms, is that the staff can show you how to mix and match different items in a way you may not have thought of yourself. So you can build a dining set that’s tailored just for you, or put together a kitchen wishlist around your exact needs.

While I was in the Dublin store, I fell in love with some place settings that were actually made up of three different collections – which not only made them more budget friendly, but more stylish and versatile too. That’s the kind of combination you might not create when compiling your registry from your sofa.

It was pretty nice to get a feel for the luxe linens and weighty wine glasses up close too!

The Wedding Shop Showroom 6
The Wedding Shop Showroom 16

I’ve mentioned this before, but the thing that I love most about an in-store experience with The Wedding Shop, is something that just does not get enough hype…

You can add anything, ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, to your gift registry. Total flexibility, with zero limits and no hidden fees.

A gorgeous piece of art, a slick TV, a fabulous rug you’ve spotted online, or the kit to get your started on your newest hobby together; having an in-store consultation means you can chat to The Wedding Shop’s advisors about adding more bespoke choices to your registry. You can also find out more about their contribution gifts and free delivery.

And even better, because The Wedding Shop look after the official gift lists for Brown Thomas in Dublin and Selfridges in London, you can add anything at all from either store to your registry.

That’s a free pass to wander through their kitchenware, furniture, electronics and linens (and maybe a brief pit-shop in watches and jewellery?) adding away to your hearts’ content – sounds like the dream way to spend the day, right?

The Wedding Shop Showroom 20

If all that doesn’t convince you, I have a feeling just popping in-store to one of The Wedding Shop’s showrooms for a few minutes will. Honestly, their advisors are just the loveliest!

For more information on visiting The Wedding Shop’s showroom, visit their website and get in touch with your nearest store.

Oh and make sure you read more about our guide to all the reasons we’re a little bit obsessed with The Wedding Shop here.


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