A Glimpse Behind the Lens

Remember the super talented lady behind these oh so chic cakes on Bridal Musings yesterday?

Natalie Spencer, photographer extraordinaire, is back and this time she's sharing her inspiration, expert advice and an exciting new (and very inspirational) wedding photography project with us. Yippee!

Get ready to be inspired…

How would you describe your photography style?

My style has evolved so much since my days in the darkroom and my college portfolio. I adore natural light, sunshine and airy, ethereal images. I love all things pretty and vintage. There is so much sweetness around me everyday, I try to capture what is true and real. I see beauty and love in everyone and everything through of my lens.

What was the inspiration behind your ‘Vintage Winter Wonderland Wedding Project'?

My ‘vintage winter wonderland wedding project’ was inspired by my love of weddings and vintage. Since I did not have a chance to photograph many weddings these past few years, because I was too busy doing wedding cakes, I just wanted to create a pretty series using all of my sweet antique finds. I used a few aspects from my own wedding, like our rings, my dress and stationary to make it more personal too.

You were recently married yourself, how do you think this affects your wedding photography?

The 9 months of planning our wedding were the most wonderful 9 months of my life so far! I just loved planning every single detail, designing invitations and menus, choosing florals and décor and having a party with 220 of my closest family and friends. I also learned a lot about how stressful planning a wedding can be, and that you are going to encounter speeds bumps along the way, but in the end, it’s about having the time of your life, and creating really great memories.

As a photographer, I know that capturing the little things, like your grandmothers ring you are wearing, or the place cards that you spent hours creating are an important part of your day. I also know that the candid moments are the special ones, and every bride should love being a model for the day.

Have you got any tips for couples on how to get the best from their engagement/wedding photography?

I think that it is important that couples pick a photographer that showcases the type of photography that suits their wedding, and how they want to remember it. Couples should also look for photos in photographer’s portfolios that they would want to hang over their fireplace. Do you like posed images smiling at the camera, or do you like candid shots?

Also, it is important to recognize how photographers edit their images, or if they edit them at all. Do you get a DVD with the high resolution images and a reproduction license so you can print images yourself, or do you have to, or want to, order prints and albums through the photographer?

One more really important aspect to remember is to make it personal. I LOVE using props for my engagement and wedding shoots! If the couple like being at the cottage or camping, get images on the beach, or even better canoeing together. If they like to play board games, bring a scrabble board, or music buffs with their record collection. Don’t be afraid to suggest doing a themed shoot, or bringing some props with you for your session!

What is your current wedding-related obsession?

I can never just have one obsession at a time. Of course, DIY, vintage and shabby chic weddings are at the top of my list, but I also love elegant weddings, with lots of glitz and glam. Oh, and a great pair of colourful or fun heels!

What makes you smile?

My husband and our Pomeranian Lexi are my two favourite things. I also adore antiquing {for anything vintage}, sunshine, peonies, cheese pizza and babies.

What makes you frown?

Broccoli, and the colour orange.

Of all the photos you've ever taken, which is your favourite and why?

Wow, that’s a lot of photos to choose from! My most favourite recent image that I have taken is one for a series that I am working on called ‘Sisterhood.’ I have two sisters that I love more than anything. One day when we were hanging out, I suggested we do a photoshoot, as I usually do. I pulled out my vintage camera’s and dresses, set up the tripod and we just had some fun. What I really love {other than the dresses and cameras} is how hopefully other sisters can relate to the photo, it could be any sisters that love each other, and enjoy having fun together. I gave both sisters a large, framed print for Christmas to hang on their wall…now I just need to print one for myself!

This photo is just so sweet and innocent. Beautiful.

A Vintage Wonderland Wedding:

Photography: Natalie Spencer Photography
Model: Caitlin
Dress: Pronovias
BM dresses: Vintage
Props, rings, shoes are all Natalie's, and styled by her.
Stationary: designed and made by Natalie too!

I have fallen in love with Natalie's photography and her styling of this shoot.

There's something so wonderfully charming and beautiful about these photos from the retro chic props to the dreamy quality of the photos…simply stunning. (Natalie even makes the humble coca cola bottle look like an object d'art!)

To see more of her amazing photography visit her website: www.nataliespencerphotography.com

How about you? Have you fallen head over {high} heels too?! If so, please leave Natalie a comment, I'm sure it'd make her day!

Elizabeth x