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10 Great Reasons To Opt For a Wedding Registry

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We promise you, wedding registries are so much more than toasters and punch bowls these days. Long gone are times of limited choice and impersonal gifts.

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding and feel your guests’ attendance is gift enough, or you feel your little flat can’t handle any more homewares, you may feel compelled to skip the registry, but we encourage you to reconsider. From travel essentials to gifting funds, registry choices have never been so diverse than for the modern couple.

In partnership with our friends at The Wedding Shop, we’ve put together a list of reasons why setting up a wedding registry with them is such a great (and smart) thing to do!


1. Those Old Furnishings Deserve an Upgrade

If you’ve already been living on your own, or even together for years, chances are your home is happily furnished and full, but that doesn’t mean you should give up the chance to upgrade your worn home purchases.

My kitchen has every item it could ever need, but every time I open the cupboard I lament over the tarnished flatware that never stayed gold. Register for timeless pieces that can really last a lifetime when properly invested in.

2. You’ll Likely Receive More Than You Expect

Believe it or not, your friends and family might be more generous than you realize. Even if you’ve said you’re not asking for gifts, there will be guests that hold tradition and insist on gifting you both something.

Setting up a registry, if even a small one, make those generous ones’ lives easier, and saves you from finding a place for that bluetooth blender you didn’t need.


3. When Else Can You Ask For Gifts as an Adult?

Maybe Ma and Pa are still sending ample birthday and holiday packages (lucky you!) but as many of us grow up, the opportunities to ask for presents are fewer and farther between. Take this chance to ask for what you might need as newlyweds, it’s a traditional request and your friends and family are expecting a gift list anyway.

4. Luxury Brands are Suddenly Within Reach

In a similar regard, take this opportunity to ask for brands you may never splurge on yourself. The Wedding Shop selects goodies from hundreds of the world’s finest and trendiest brands so you can choose your favorite styles.

Find sexy, masculine goods from Ralph Lauren Home, and ask for the very finest crystal wine glasses from Riedel.




5. You Can Register For Your Honeymoon

Whether you’re travel obsessed and DIYing your honeymoon, or you want a packaged, organized, luxury holiday, you can let your friends and family help fund your first adventure as newlyweds.

Use the funds section on The Wedding Shop to allow your family help pay for what you’ve already planned. Or for a stress-free route, scroll through all the amazing pre-planned excursions The Wedding Shop has set up with Wild Frontiers, like a 10 day honeymoon safari in Bostwana and Zimbabwe, or a tropical holiday on the sunny beaches of Vietnam.


6. And Register for Local Experiences too!

Honeymoon registries may have been on our radar for a while, but this is new for even me – you can register for experiences in your own hometown!

Memories with your new husband or wife are as valuable as any china, so consider looking through The Wedding Shop’s curated UK & Ireland based Experiences – ask for a rejuvenating day spa package or a once in a lifetime masterclass with the sushi chefs of London’s Nobu.



7. Your Next Home Can be Gifted

Now this is a biggie…

Are you saving for a down payment on your next home together? Your wedding is by far the most appropriate time to ask for funds to help save for your future house, apartment or hey that beach bungalow you’re building together (we all have dreams!) The Wedding Shop makes the money ask so easy with their House Deposit Fund, with donations as little or as large as you deem fit.


8. You Can Create a Charity Registry

If you truly do not want any gifts or money, consider choosing a charity or two that guests can donate to in your name. This way, money that was for sure coming your way will go to a cause you both feel proud of instead.



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9. The Perks, the Perks!

Worried about all the delivering, and where to put everything during the wedding and honeymoon chaos? The Wedding Shop has perks beyond a usual wedding registry.

If you’re moving into a new home, or abroad, they’ll store your gifts for six months, and once you’re ready they’ll deliver them all together, saving you from the constant daily deliveries and stress.


10.  It’s So Easy to Register

Finally, no matter what you decide to register for, it could not be easier to create a list with The Wedding Shop. And if you’re overwhelmed by choices, they have curated inspiration, starter collections (like we’ve shared before!) and staff guides to help you along the way.


Essential Info

For more ideas on putting together your ideal gift registry, visit The Wedding Shop website.

Oh and while we’re at it, don’t forget to check out our dedicated wedding registry page, with our favorite picks from across The Wedding Shop (we want them all!).

This post was brought to you in partnership with The Wedding Shop.

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