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7 Ways To Personalize Your Dream Wedding Registry

7 Tips to Personalize Your Dream Wedding Registry | Braun BrewSense | Claire Eliza 3

Wedding guests out there, are you bored of traditional wedding registries? Having been involved in countless celebrations, I make a point to choose a special gift from the registry of the happy couple. Selecting something unique and personalized feels like an extension of my admiration of the newlyweds.

So couples, ditch the “I guess we’re supposed to have these…” notion! You can personalize your dream wedding registry to the unique style that is entirely yours – and help your guests feel like they can truly spoil you! We’ve compiled our top seven tips in personalizing your wedding registry, and have teamed up with Braun to help make registering a stress-free experience.

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1. Register Early

It might seem overly ambitious, but you can register long before you’ve pinned down a wedding date. This means guests can bring presents to your engagement party or wedding shower, or simply be able to decide on wedding gifts in advance.

There are plenty of wedding guests who start planning as soon as they receive your save-the-date, (or is that just me?) so having access to a wedding website or registry early means they get to celebrate in all the excitement!

2. Discuss Your Options

While it may seem silly, organizing ideas together first will open a dialogue between you and your partner about what your combined vision is. You’ll see what’s cohesive about your wants and needs by identifying what’s most important to you both.

Maybe it’s time to replace a few items you’ve outgrown (currently wincing at my coffee table), or perhaps it’s time to upgrade your style? Afterall, you’re fusing together two lives and two personalities. Your home can definitely reflect what is undeniably unique about your love.

7 Tips to Personalize Your Dream Wedding Registry | Braun BrewSense | Claire Eliza 8

3. Include Varying Price Points

Selecting a variety of items in low, middle, and high range prices ensures that whoever buys you a gift can afford something they feel excited for you to unwrap. (I have an unfortunate story about waiting a little too late and only being able to afford the stainless steel plunger set from the remaining items. Not exactly the “congratulations” I was hoping to give!)

Don’t be too intimidated to include some pricier items as well. Your family and friends have invested their support into your nuptials, and they’ll most likely want to invest in a generous gift too.

4. Express Your Personal Style

This is an opportunity for you to have fun! If you spend many nights laughing in the kitchen together, then add the cooking gadgets you’ve always wanted but couldn’t justify splurging over.

No matter if your hobbies are gardening, lounging, or listening to music, allow yourself the freedom to make your registry not too serious. Add those swanky outdoor patio items or that gorgeous mid-century inspired record stand. You can even pick some fun pet toys! By making your registry more personal it’s a guarantee your guests will be excited to pick your gifts.

7 Tips to Personalize Your Dream Wedding Registry | Braun BrewSense | Claire Eliza 7

5. Only Add Items You Love

Don’t feel hung up on adding items you “should” have. If you aren’t planning on hosting a large number of dinner parties then ditch a 14-person set of china and instead, select items you know you’ll be able to enjoy. Free yourself from the traditional rules, be a little bit selfish, and only pick items that get to live outside of the cupboard all year – things that you truly love.

6. Living Minimally? You Should Still Register!

You don’t have to just register with a store for your guests to treat you to wonderful things. We are delighted by the idea of registry funds! Plenty of online platforms for honeymoon funds, date nights and even contributions to home down payments and remodeling your home. Maybe you don’t want any financial contributions? Set up an easy way for your guests to donate to a charity that you both feel passionately toward.

If you decide to go this route, create a small registry for your more traditional guests. Choose a few items that don’t compromise who you are that friends and family may purchase if they feel uncomfortable giving cash.

7 Tips to Personalize Your Dream Wedding Registry | Braun BrewSense | Claire Eliza 4

7. Look For perks!

Plenty of registry sites have discounts, events, delayed delivery or even freebies. Do a little bit of research and find which websites work for you. Many sites combine multiple registries for you in one place, so you don’t need to have separate lists at different department stores. It’s a streamlined way for guests to be able to shop entirely off one list.

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7 Tips to Personalize Your Dream Wedding Registry | Braun BrewSense | Claire Eliza 5
7 Ways To Personalize Your Dream Wedding Registry | Braun PowerMix Blender

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