At the Imitation of Christ Spring 2012 fashion show during NYC fashion week, the runway was actually an aisle! Complete with priest, floral arch, bridesmaids with flower crowns and stylish guests.

Such a unique and rather clever idea. After all, where else do you see so many stylishly dressed folk than at weddings?

The bride and groom were the stars of the show {of course} with the groom in a classic tux and the bride, model Lydia Hearst, in an unusual, delicate gossamer lace gown with bird applique detailing.

There were beautiful bridesmaids in equally beautiful pastel dresses.

And gorgeous guests dressed to impress. This powder blue lace dress is lovely and the bird applique detail looks charming. However, I'm not a fan of the sheer pop socks all the female models wore, including the bride!

How creative, theatrical and fun!

There have been lots of rumours flying around that Lydia Hearst and her beau really did get married on the runway and that they weren't just playing pretend. Hmmmm I smell a PR stunt…

Would you get married at a fashion show, in front of a bunch of strangers?!

First spotted on Merci NYC | Images via Wedding Inspirasi