Merry Christmas! Hope you all are cozy this lovely Tuesday. We want to wish a warm welcome any new brides (& grooms!) who may have woken up to a proposal this morning, and all our avid planners & vendors who have been following along on Bridal Musings for weeks, months or even years – we adore you!

How am I spending the holiday? Jack and I are having an intimate Christmas in NYC – exchanging a few gifts (many you’ll have seen on our honeymooner gift list) and heading to Korea Town for our annual non-religious holiday dinner. We’re heading to Thailand on Saturday for our honeymoon (yay!) so we’re keeping it pretty low key today.

In an effort to not keep you too distracted from family, friends, gifts, hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows, we’ll keep today’s post brief aside from a few helpful “welcome to wedding planning” links below for our newcomers and some winter wedding inspiration for those getting married tout de suite!

Planning Guides & Inspiration

That should do it for today, folks! You can always find more helpful advice in our planning section and oodles of beautiful wedding inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest (feel free to give us a follow!)