You've waited so long to properly plan your wedding and so long to finally say “I do”. Due to Covid, it must feel like decades before you ever go on that real-deal romantic honeymoon.

No matter how long you've waited to hop on a plane to celebrate your new marriage, we believe the added delay means your honeymoon plans deserve to be a little ‘extra' if you can afford it. And perhaps, by waiting longer and scaling back the wedding plans you might have a little more cash in the honeymoon piggy bank than you thought? As avid travel-junkies (Jack and I went on a yearlong honeymoon) we implore you to take advantage of every extra day-off that's piled up & honeymoon dime you can – you won't regret it.


While Jack and I may have been spoiled with a yearlong honeymoon, we still treat every travel expedition as yet another honeymoon (we are #foreverhoneymooning). Whilst in pandemic quarantine, I've been picking out some seriously lavish destinations to visit ‘once this is all over'. Last year, I vastly underestimated how long it would it be before anyone could plan a Post-Covid honeymoon, and while I would absolutely still visit all of those destinations (and find the reasons being still viable) this list is for the luxury honeymoon traveler.

Song Saa Private Island

Below you'll find a collection of luxurious hotels & experiences that make waiting for your honeymoon absolutely worth it. From private islands to safari adventures across the globe, the one thing these honeymoon destinations all have in common is how lavishly pampered you and your new husband or wife will be treated…

Luxury Honeymoon Destinations Worth The Wait


Amanbagh in Rajasthan, India

Why we love it: Why not start our list with the destination most fit of the definition of ‘luxury'. India's Amanbagh is more palace than hotel. Imagine your honeymoon was set to include a visit to a region's most beautiful castle…and you get to sleep there, eat there and be absolutely pampered there. Incredible architecture & spacious suites make this destination worth whatever long journey it takes to reach it.

When to go: Visit from months October to March when days are delightfully cool, dry & sunny.

What to do: If you have time beyond your spa treatments, pool sessions, devouring a tantalizing Indian menu & wandering the breathtaking palatial grounds, Rajasthan is home to most of the last remaining tigers in India. Let the staff at Amanbagh arrange a safari at one of the nearest, ethical reserves to see these incredible big cats.

Kokomo Private Island

Kokomo Private Island in Fiji

Why we love it: I know, we had you at ‘Private Island'. A 45-minute seaplane (which is a stunning excursion in itself) leads you from Fiji's main island to Kokomo's secluded paradise. With a small number of villas on-site, your luxurious honeymoon will feel private and pampered, with lavish spa treatments under waving palms and tropical meals to entice the senses.

When to go: Travelers who visit May through October will experience dry weather perfect for their beach honeymoon.

What to do: Live in your swimsuit as you surf, sail, kayak, fish & explore some of the greatest underwater reefs the world has to offer.

Royal Livingstone Hotel

Royal Livingstone Hotel in Victoria Falls, Zambia

Why we love it: Wildlife roams the grounds of this stunning Zambian retreat. Overlooking the Zambezi River, this African honeymoon destination delivers on all fronts: a luxurious all-inclusive hotel experience and authentically wild safari adventure. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to plan a destination wedding in their rustic bomas or romantic garden grounds.

When to go: Visit after the rainy season from February to May and you'll witness the majesty of Victoria Falls in full might.

What to do: After you track Zambia's most incredible wildlife, request a private dinner to sip champagne and enjoy a bespoke menu as you marvel at the wondrous Victoria Falls.

Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia

Why we love it: When everyone else you know is packed liked sardines on a party island in Thailand, you can be free as a bird of paradise on your own Cambodian private island. Choose from secluded jungle villas, ocean-view villas and yes, even overwater villas, too. This is all the classic honeymoon luxury one might expect in the South Pacific with some unique differences: incredible, Southeast Asian cuisine and few other tourists in sight.

When to go: Dry season arrives in November and ends in April, making it the best time for a beach honeymoon.

What to do: Having honeymooned in Southeast Asia myself, I say take advantage of every spa opportunity you can, explore the islands and bring home some new cooking skills and recipes.

Aman Sveti Stefan

Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro

Why we love it: It may seem tough to find a secluded summer spot on the Mediterranean, but not in the underrated, lesser-traveled Adriatic gem of Montenegro. Aman Sveti Stefan looks over the sparkling Adriatic Sea from its own private island. Historic and luxurious, a lavish stay at this dreamy European resort will show you a time on the Mediterranean before the crowds and cruise ships thanks in part to its three private beaches. The rooms are incredible, with cottages and suites looking over the sea and a ‘Royal Villa' perfect for honeymooners who have been waiting long enough.

When to go: For the hottest months to work on that Euro tan, visit Montenegro from June through August. Late Spring and early Fall provide refreshing breezes and lovely temperatures as well.

What to do: It's hard for us to imagine wanting to leave this blissful Mediterranean jewel. But if you must, why not hop on your own private catamaran and sail through the many tiny islands that glitter the Adriatic Coast. You might even be spoiled with a fresh catch of octopus and indulge in local wine.

Veli Maldives Resort

Veli Maldives Resort in The Maldives

Why we love it: Google ‘beach honeymoon' and you'll likely find images of perfectly thatched huts hanging over turquoise waters. We would be surprised if at some point you didn't dream of a lavish, over-water bungalow beach honeymoon and we have a favorite choice to share: Veli Maldives Resort. Romantic, paradisical & luxurious, you'll have a hard time finding any faults in your honeymoon stay in one of the resort's stunning water villas, where you'll relax in luxury watching manta rays swim past your own private pool.

When to go: Best to visit the Maldive Islands during the dry season, from November to April.

What to do: A trip to the Maldives would be incomplete without exploring the islands' incredible coral reefs or spending a day relaxing together on your own private island.

Aman Summer Palace

Aman Summer Palace in Beijing, China

Why we love it: Forget feeling like a queen, a stay at Beijing's Aman Summer Palace will elevate your royal status to Empress of China. History buffs will understand the significance of a stay in this remarkable hotel. A peaceful retreat steps from the Emporer's own Summer Palace during the Qing Dynasty, is once-in-a-lifetime, just like your wedding.

When to go: Beijing's weather is at its finest during Spring and Fall, avoiding Summer's pounding heat and Winter's harsh snowfall.

What to do: Indulge in Beijing's traditional cuisine, visit the stunning Forbidden City and climb the Great Wall of China. You know, day-to-day, normal-life stuff (wink).

Al Maha

Al Maha in Dubai, UAE

Why we love it: Transport Dubai's reputation of unparalleled luxury-everything out to the desert dunes and you have the incomparable Al Maha. Accessible only by private Jeep transfer, the buzzing sounds & glow of nearby Dubai disappear as you retreat to this entirely secluded oasis. If you've ever dreamed of a luxury tent stay under the stars that shine upon Arabian sands, this is about as dreamy as it gets.

When to go: Let's be frank, the Emirates has two seasons, hot and hotter. November to March will provide cooler, more manageable temperatures for your desert escape.

What to do: Not only a luxury retreat, Al Maha stands as a sanctuary for the endangered Arabian oryx. Spot the stunning gazelle-like beauty on wildlife tours and enjoy an authentic Berber experience of riding the treasured Arabian horses through the desert.

Tierra Atacama

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa in Chile

Why we love it: A modern hotel in an ancient desert. Tierra Atacama highlights and juxtaposes Chile's wild natural state in this entirely unique resort. Volcanoes, geysers and salt pans are all accessible and visible from the glass-paned suites and stone patios. Explore this other-worldly region, seen by so few, and retire to your luxury retreat filled with craft Chilean wine & natural spa treatments aplenty.

When to go: Spring & Fall provide the mildest temperatures while Summer and Winter are a bit more extreme (yet still worth visiting).

What to do: Your choices of excursions from Tierra Atacama are as vast as the desert that surrounds you. Swim through glistening lagoons, visit geysers, trek through canyons with petroglyphs and be beguiled by the most bizarre local fauna: the Atacaman Flamingos.

Amangiri Resort via Bridal Musings

Amangiri in Utah, USA

Why we love it: Far from the first time we've featured Amangiri, this Southwestern luxury resort is one of the very few of its caliber in the entire region (I should know, I used to live mere miles away!) Amangiri offers those who want to explore the breathtaking canyons and epic wilds of the great Southwest a stylish, luxury retreat after a long day's hike. Hip, modern, and every bit as wild as it is thoughtfully designed, there's truly no destination more honeymoon-worthy in the great Southwest.

When to go: April and May gift honeymooners mild temperatures and Spring wildflowers in Utah's Southern deserts.

What to do: Amangiri lies within reach of some of America's (and the world's) most treasured National Parks. You'll want to plan plenty of days for visits to Zion, Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon and my secret favorite from my college days, Canyon de Chelly.

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