Good morning!

I'm super excited to announce a weekly collaboration between Bridal Musings and those talented ladies at Anna Lee Company. Jodi and Kelly take everyday objects and craft materials and turn them into wedding awesomeness!

Did you see their clothespin 3 ways post I featured recently? Who'd have thought you could make 3 amazing wedding details with a simple, wooden clothespin!

Every Tuesday I'll share one of Anna Lee Company's DIY tutorials and links for you to hop on over to their blog to see more DIY tutorials and creative ideas.

This week I'm sharing one of their fantastic ‘Fabric Dye' tutorials.

So without further adieu, may I present…

{Drumroll please}

Dip Dyed Paper Pom Poms

A pretty, delicate, and colourful twist on the paper pom poms that are so popular right now!

Here's the tutorial:

We wanted to use fabric dye on something other than fabric. In our experimenting, we realized that plain white tissue paper takes dye very well and looks great when shaped into a traditional pom pom. I love that the edges feather from dark on the outside to white on the inside.

We spread a few sheets of tissue out with pant/skirt hangers and submerged them into our dye bath. We kept them on the hangers until fully dry and carefully peeled them apart to make the poms.

{And here's a basic paper pom pom tutorial in case you're a total DIY novice like me.}

Want to see what else they made using fabric dye? Of course you do!

A dip dyed bath robe ~ perfect for those ‘getting ready photos' or as a bridesmaid's gift and gorgeous ombre dyed napkins!

Thanks for stopping by Anna Lee Company ~ see you next Tuesday for more DIY wedding awesomeness!