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Of course you are, it's Valentine's day! And I can't think of a better day to share this feature with you…

Dominique Bader's photography is truly beautiful and captures love in all it's glory.

I first fell in love with her photos when I came across her photos of ‘An Elegant London Elopment' on her blog. Here is one of her photos from the wedding in which Dominique and her husband were the couple's only guests:

It was such a romantic, intimate and classically beautiful portrayal of the couple's simple, stylish wedding day and their love for each other.

I fell in love with Dominique's photography all over again when her photos were featured on one of my absolute favourite wedding blogs, Love My Dress. (If you love vintage weddings, sweet stories and heart felt words you'll adore Love My Dress!)

Now let's find out a little more about the talented lady behind the lens…

A Glimpse Behind The Lens

Location/Coverage: I am based in London but am happy to cover weddings throughout the UK and abroad.

When did your love affair with photography begin?

I’ve always loved photographs; I kept so many photo albums growing up and loved looking through old photographs of my parents when they were younger. But I didn’t really find photography, (or rather I feel it found me), until I got married. I became completely enamoured with wedding photography and the power it had to capture the most wonderful memories. This developed into a love for all types of photography but I found my true passion in photographing weddings and couples.

After looking at so much photography I decided it was something I wanted to learn myself. I never believed it would become more than a hobby. My husband actually surprised me with my first DSLR one Christmas and so I really owe everything to him. He is the one that really encouraged me to go for it in the very beginning of my photography journey and I am so grateful that he did.

I decided within a month of owning a camera that I wanted to become a wedding photographer but wanted to make sure I learned the ropes properly before embarking on a career as a solo wedding photographer. So I began contacting other wedding photographers to gain experience as a second photographer, and gradually it grew from there (some of the photos within this interview I took while I was a second photographer at various weddings for Sarah Vivienne and Chloe of Caught the Light). I second shot several weddings for a while and after a lot of encouragement from my family and other fellow photographers, I set up my own business.

To say I have fallen in love with photography would be an understatement and I believe we will have an everlasting love affair! I am incredibly passionate about wedding photography and what it means to my clients. I give 100% to every shoot and I feel lucky that this is my career now!

What inspires you?

Emotion inspires me. It’s what I look for in every photograph and it’s what I love about wedding photography. Making my clients happy and capturing images that I know they will treasure continually inspires me, and is the reason I love wedding photography. I’m always looking for moments that capture the love and joy people feel on their wedding day, or the subtle moments that display their love for each another. For me this is what wedding photography is all about.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Passionate, perfectionist, caring

Describe your photography style in 3 words:

It always feels funny describing your own work to other people but I would hope people feel that my photographs are timeless, elegant and emotive.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Capturing the most special moments in people’s lives and the joy it brings them. I don’t think there is a better feeling in the world! Being surrounded by love and family at every shoot is also an amazing thing.

What is your favourite wedding moment to capture on camera?

I love moments that really show the happiness and emotion of the wedding day. So I would say my favourite moment is the bride and groom walking back up the aisle, hand in hand, just married. I also love capturing the loving looks and big smiles during the ceremony.

What advice would you give to couples to help them to get the best from their wedding photography?

I would say it’s extremely important to get on well with your photographer and to feel comfortable around them. I love laughing with my clients and talking to them like I would talk to my friends and this immediately allows them to be themselves in front of the camera. The more comfortable you feel, the more the real you will come out!

What is your current wedding-related obsession?

I love outdoor ceremonies. I suppose I’m biased because I had one myself! But in England, with our terrible weather, it’s so difficult to have one. Other than that I would say I love Jenny Packham and Amanda Wakeley wedding dresses and Emmy Shoes. I also love weddings where the day really is a representation of the couple and their personalities.

Out of all the weddings you have photographed, which photo makes you go ‘Wow!’ every time you see it?

This is a tough one because I’m far too critical and I always look at ways I can take my work to the next level! But I love this photo because this couple were so incredibly lovely and kind, and photographing their elopement was a true honour so it brings back wonderful memories for me. I also feel this photo captures both my brand and my style of photography; the cropping/composition, pose and emotion represent the type of images I love to capture

And here is the photo:

It certainly makes me go ‘wow' too…can't you just feel the love?

Which photo makes you go ‘wow'?

To see more of Dominique's stunning photography head on over to her website and/or blog. Website: www.dominiquebader.com Blog: www.dominiquebaderblog.com

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