Did you see Part 1 of Danielle and Jimmy's colourful and creative boathouse wedding?

Part 2 is filled with meaningful DIY details, pinwheels, coca cola and an array of beautifully presented sweet treats ~ Danielle and Jimmy had a cake table and a candy bar! For those of you on a wedding diet/healthy eating plan look away now…

From the bride: Since we both have always felt like old souls and kids, we wanted to keep that feel at the wedding and wanted it personal and meaningful to us:

Coca cola: Jimmy loves drinking coca cola out of the glass bottle and I always think of him and buy him some when I see it at the store from the day we met – so that’s where that came from. The invitation also was custom made by Amy at Tree Space Studio on vintage paper with a coca cola theme as well. {See it here}

Escort Cards: The corkboard was made by my sister /maid of honor and her boyfriend Roy. The cards were also handmade. With the help of Jimmy’s mom, we made 103 pin wheels out of wool felt. Each card had the person’s name, table number and pinwheel. Some of our guests even wore the pinwheels on their jackets!

Menus: Each table had old pictures of parents, grandparents, great grandparents’ wedding photographs along with other family members old pics. Pictures were carefully selected based on which family members were sitting at certain tables as a pleasant surprise to see their father, grandfather, brother etc. On the other side of the pic was the menu.

Centerpieces: The mini coca crates were made by one of my bridesmaids Caitlin and myself in her backyard. We spent hours painting and having a great time. Going with the vintage feel, I bought some mason jars, ordered custom made numbers from the amazing Ali at Tickled Chic on Esty.com. I wrapped some vintage lace, glued a button on the bow, and added the old red and white paper straws as it reminded us of drinking lemonade when we were little.

Cake Table: Karaline, also my bridesmaid drove up to her hometown in upstate new york, grabbed a chain saw and sawed down some tree slabs and branches at her farm for the cake table. Jimmy’s favorite cake is coconut cake so that was the flavor of the main cake. We stayed away from fondant. We wanted it to look like the cake our grandmother used to make with the delicious frosting.

Tal Geller from TalCakeDesign was INCREDIBLE. She took time to understand our vision and knew exactly what we wanted and is basically a mind reader. She is amazing and really cares about the look (making sure it sticks with the theme and colors) as much as the taste. She takes great pride in both. She also made our cake toppers herself just incredible!

Candy Table: We wanted our thank you favor to also be personal and fun. To stick to the kids theme, I stamped muslin bags with a little girl and boy with I heart candy and had a fabulous candy table. Each candy on the table was there for a reason. Jimmy and I along with our siblings, parents and grandparents chose one or two candies that we used to love as kids. These were ordered from Old Time Candy and Candy Warehouse. I bought the candy jars and my wonderful friends/bridesmaids set up the candy table for us the morning of the wedding.

Photography & Videography: I loved the vintage playfulness that you see in Tim and Merrill’s work at Sweet Little Photographs.  They are the cutest funniest married couple you will ever meet and I felt so comfortable having them be responsible to capture our special day.  Joe Pickard is a close friend of mine who I was more than lucky to have capture the whole day for us.  He created an amazing 2 min clip recap of the wedding ~ see it on Film Club.

A Memorable Exit: We also hadn’t planned to get a car for our exit… so we hopped on one of those bicycle taxis at the park and headed back to change and we all met up at a bar in Soho and continued the celebration. The whole day was so fun and so special.

Is there anything more awesome than a bride necking a light beer on her wedding day and the happy couple making their getaway on a bicycle taxi?!

Advice for other brides/couples: It’s sometimes inevitable that things don’t go exactly the way you planned them, but they are all little details. There was no time to fit everything we wanted but at the end of the day, Jimmy was waiting for me at the front of the room and I got to walk towards him and marry my best friend. That’s what it is all about. Sharing that magical moment with all the people you love. It goes by so fast, so enjoy every moment of it and leave anything that can upset you behind because nothing else matters.

Thank you so much to Danielle and Jimmy for sharing your beautiful day and all of your creative ideas ~ it's so inspiring to read how you put your own stamp on your wedding and included your loved ones in such special ways too.

Also I must say a huge thanks to the super talented Sweet Little Photographs, it's such a pleasure featuring your gorgeous photography.

{I featured a stunning travel themed wedding they photographed recently too ~ check it out here!}