Hi, lovelies! Christina here, your Bridal Musings bridal stylist & lover of all things fashion.

Christina & Claire in Mexico photographed by Corinne Graves

Have you been on our Instagram today? Given rescheduled weddings, closed bridal salons & a whole load of confusion & uncertainty we fielded a few wedding dress related questions to answer on our Instagram Stories.

Maybe you procrastinated wedding dress shopping? Or not sure how to style your summer slip for a newly-winter wedding? I'm here for you, girl! General styling Q's? Yes, please!


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You can watch all my questions answered on our Bridal Musings IGTV account (or clicking play above!), or if you want to read our questions & answers below we've got links to the places I chatted about during our Q&A!

Dress Emergency Questions

Question: I procrastinated dress shopping for my November wedding & now bridal shops are closed…

Answer: Definitely order your wedding dress online, there's no reason to be too scared. I know it can seem overwhelming without having tried it on but there is such a range of price points available, different styles and size ranges that you can absolutely find something you love online (here are our favorite online shops). Usually, sites have really detailed photos and some designers can send you swatches if you want to see the color of the fabric in person.

Elizabeth Dye has been making one-of-a-kind pieces available for a really fantastic price during this quarantine. Designers still want to make your dresses, so if you are shopping and you do find something you love I would say – go for it! Even if that means scheduling a FaceTime call or Zoom call with your family and your friends later to show them your wedding dress. It still keeps the planning fun and you can still kind of have that experience even if you don't get to go into a bridal salon.

Question: My wedding dress won't arrive for June. I know I can shop online but I wanted something fancier – help?

Answer: Try Nearly Newlywed, which is a resale site. You can search by designer, price point & style to help you find something that still feels fancy. And because it's resale, you will get it shipped immediately and you won't have to wait that 4-6 months it takes for wedding dresses to be made.

My other recommendation would be jewelry. It's amazing what jewelry can do; the right accessories can dress up any look. You can make something look much fancier & over-the-top with sparkle or really fantastic earrings. A dramatic veil will also dress up any bridal look as well.

Question: My salon says my wedding dress is still coming for our July wedding but I'm so nervous, any thoughts?

Answer: You are not the only bride in this position. Reach out to the bridal shop that you purchased your dress from. They are kind of the “bridge” from you to the designer, so they are the first people to be able to contact the designer or receive any updates from them. If they've reassured you that it will be on time I would definitely trust them. However, it doesn't hurt to reach out – maybe check in every couple weeks to give yourself a little more peace of mind.

I know for me, some gowns are arriving a little early because the ordering has slowed down because most shops are now closed and not taking appointments. So, if you've been told it will be on-time, I would just go with that. And like I said, it doesn't hurt to reach out a little bit and just touch base.

Question: I still need alterations for my intimate, May, Southern California wedding & alteration shops are closed…

Answer: Reach out to the salon that you purchased your dress from. They are going to be the first people to have the best recommendations as far as tailors go that are in your area. Most seamstresses work for themselves – they're a small business – they may still be looking for work. Even if they're not taking appointments they may be able to do an appointment virtually and have someone help pin you in the dress. Most of the work is done when you're not in the dress and they'll be sewing it so they may be able to help someone you know across the phone and explain how to pin you, pin the length of the train and take some measurements. Then, they can probably do most of the alterations without you in the dress.

Otherwise, there are some tricks you can do, as well. If it's loose in the waist, consider getting a sash or a belt. If the straps or just a little too long, you may have a family member or friend DIY adjust the straps and maybe even be able to hem the dress for you.

Question: Is my dress going to be okay sitting in the closet all year?

Answer: You're just going to be just fine! Keep it in a closet that's not going to gather moisture, that doesn't get too hot or have any direct sunlight. Avoid anywhere that little ones or pets will get to it. Keep it in a garment bag and it's going to be great.

Also, make sure it's hanging from the hanging straps. Those should be on the inside where the straps or sleeves are. If your dress is really long, has a long train, or is a ball gown: at the center back of the train it should have a little loop – kind of like a ribbon. Make sure that the ribbon is pulled up over the hanger to take any excess weight off the dress.

If your dress is vintage, keep it in a garment bag and get it dry-cleaned closer to the wedding date to refresh the gown. I know with vintage items, pieces can tend to yellow or even just get some slight discoloration. Often time if you go to a place that does bridal dry cleaning, they can keep it in a bag that's better for preserving or even a box until it's time to get ready to do alterations and things like that.

Dress Styling (& Restyling) Questions

Bride Christy Baird Doxtater photographed by Sarah Falugo

Question: We're postponing our May wedding to December. Any thoughts on styling a thin slip gown for winter?

Answer: The cool thing about a slip style gown is that it really does stand the test of time, it's like a blank canvas. So if you had a wedding scheduled for summer and now it's wintertime & you're concerned about the cold, go with boots or booties. You could even pair a really fun shoe with a really cute sock if that's something you wanted to show off.

I love how brides look with a fun jacket – whether that's some sort of a little fuzzy shrug, vintage stole, a faux fur or a little wrap would be cute. Or, if you just want to make it look more “wintry” play with texture. Metallics look really cool and very modern and will kind of amplify your look for winter while still being true to that slip style and not having to cover up so much.

Question: I'm wearing a high-low wedding dress, any fabulous showy shoe ideas?

Answer: Such a fun question! For a high low wedding dress, I definitely got some inspiration from Christy Baird she's the owner of LOHO Bride (from our favorite LA bridal salons) and one of her looks for her wedding day was a short dress. She wore these fantastic heels that were metallic with an ankle strap. I think it's so cute when you have something fun a wrapped around your ankle – so maybe, add a ribbon tie or a 3D element and play with texture.

If you want to come a little more simple or maybe just a little more classic, we feature a lot of shoots and weddings with Bella Belle Shoes. They have beautiful laces, ribbons & pearls. They do tend to be a little more on the ‘classic side' but still look really special and I think you will get a ton of compliments.

Question: What kind of underwear should I wear under a figure-hugging dress (Please, no Spanx).

Answer: My recommendation as a bridal stylist, for any bride, no matter what style your dress is, are seamless nude undergarments. It's okay if you're not into Spanx – maybe they're too tight, they're uncomfortable or just not what you're looking for.

A great brand I would recommend would be Commando. Check out their website (or our review here!) A great go-to would be the solid classic thong, but they have anything from that to more full coverage options. They are really reasonably priced and they have multiple shades of nude to get a closer match for you.

Question: I was going to buy my veil at my bridal salon but obviously it's closed – can you recommend any reputable online shops?

Answer: Two of my favorite online shops for ordering veils would be a Sara Gabriel & Untamed Petals. The great thing is both websites have an online chat box. As a stylist, I kind of know what fabrics feel and look like with a length looks like but maybe you don't know. So, they have an option to chat while you're shopping online and they can help answer any questions – whether that's what color you should order, what length you should go with, and I think they can probably send you additional photos, too!

If you're looking for something that's a little bit more ‘out-there', something that's super unusual or editorial, check out a. b. Ellie for ruffles, really unique laces and different kinds of shapes, as well.

Rescheduled Honeymoon Question

Question: Not dress related, our summer wedding moved to December, any sunny winter honeymoon ideas? (We were going to go to Italy in the summer).

Answer: You can definitely plan a honeymoon for any time of the year and any destination! So if you're moving your honeymoon to December, keep your destination of Italy if that's what you really had your heart set on. I know our editor Claire made a really fantastic “Local's Guide” to her monthlong Florence honeymoon so you can add that destination of places to go.

However, if you had your heart set on sunnier places lounging on the beach, I totally get you. Think somewhere in Southeast Asia like Thailand. You can still find luxe Airbnb's & hotels and make it really romantic. Or you could go somewhere really scenic like New Zealand with gorgeous landscapes. Also, if you do live in the states there are places that tend to be warmer yearlong like Miami or Hawai'i. Here's our month by month guide for great honeymoon weather.

If you have more questions feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or via email!