Whether you love it or hate it, wedding planning can take over your thoughts, plans, dinners, lunch breaks, girl hangs and well, just – daily life.

Managing time during the week for you, your partner, your work-life & your social life can be tough enough & throwing in organizing a massive (or even intimate) event can complicate things further. Weeknights can grow particularly tiresome when you finish one long day's work to start your second full-time job: wedding planning.

Thankfully, there are a myriad of strategies to tackling wedding tasks together on weeknights without missing out on quality rest time, dinners & going absolute bonkers. Our friends at Be Inspired PR called on their troop of expert planners & wedding pros to share their best tidbits on staying sane & getting wedding shit done on weeknights…

Set Tasks That Require Little Thinking

“When I got married, we used the weekends to plan and meet with vendors. And then we set low-level tasks to do on the weekdays. Tasks that require very little thinking. The key is this: You're exhausted when you come home on the weekday, so you don't want to set out with a big goal that requires a lot of energy.” – Richard Lim, Bloominous

Choose Fun Tasks That Don't Feel Like Work

“Make it easy, make it bite-sized, and do the fun things. For example, I wanted to select my liquor and wine. So, I spent one weeknight looking at what I wanted. That for me was fun and didn't take a lot of energy. On the other hand, deciding the guest list was exhausting, because let's face it, you can't invite everyone you want to. So, we left that for the weekend.” – Richard Lim, Bloominous

Focus On Styling

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Relax at home and design the perfect look for your groom and groomsmen. Do everything from selecting color swatches to ordering your picks to try on! – Matt Ramirez, Senior VP of Marketing at Generation Tux

Take Virtual Tours of Wedding Venues

“We know that visiting multiple venues for a tour can be tough and very time-consuming, especially if venues are in distant or remote locations! Take this time to tour venues online through virtual tours! Many venues use multiple 3D tour platforms including AllSeated and Google virtual tours to make ‘walking through' the venue a breeze.” – Joel Lippman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hutton Brickyards

Get Wedding Food Inspired While You Cook Your Weeknight Dinner

“It doesn't hurt to ask if the caterer can accommodate an after-hours or weekend tasting! Schedule your cake & food tastings for after-work hours. Great way to get a tasty dinner & dessert on a night out!” –  Sarah Kuhlberg, Creative Director, Colette's Catering & Events

Get Organized To Minimize Daily (or Weekly) Tasks

“Get super organized. Figure out an organizational system so that you can keep track of all your wedding-related tasks and collateral. It could be Google Drive, Evernote, a dedicated Pinterest board, a wedding binder, a nifty new calendar app, or a combination of several systems. Then split some tasks with your fiancé—or hire a wedding planner! Do as much prep work as you can early and share the responsibilities so you don't feel as overwhelmed.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide

Shop from the Comfort of Your Home

“The beauty of the digital age is being able to order anything at the touch of a button! Chances are you already have quite a few dresses saved to all of your online boards, and have a general idea of what you're looking for at this point, right? Had your eye on that Berta dress you saw a celeb wearing but thought it was completely out of reach? Now it’s time to shop! Use your weeknights to look through online wedding dress marketplaces and put in an order for your dream dress!” – Bruno Szajer, Co-founder, Stillwhite.com

Work on Your Wedding Website

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your wedding website doesn’t need to be either! Set a plan to dedicate each day during the week to build different aspects of your wedding website.” – Steve Robertson, CEO, Eventective.com

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