Usually, when a couple first enquires with us for wedding flowers, they send a list of items accompanied by some amazing pictures from Pinterest and ask for costings, the reality is no one can afford those pictures. Those pictures are from celebrity weddings or corporate events where there’s usually a larger budget.

So we always ask all our couples to let us know what they feel comfortable spending, and we’ll try and create a day for you that fits within this. We are aware of the costs involved and always try to offer the most value for money whatever the budget, guiding them on where to spend vs save.

Flowers are expensive there is no way around it but we have learned there are ways to make your budget go that bit further and we wanted to share our tips:

  1. We recommend you design flowers by colour and style rather than exact flower varieties for more flexibility.
  2. Select flowers in season to help your budget stretch further, usually flowers in season are more readily available and affordable.
  3. If you want a large statement piece, consider reusing it for your reception. BUT remember then you’re paying for additional labour and time for someone to move your arrangement, ask your florist for options they will be able to advise on making this work for you.
  4. Some flowers do come at a premium cost, but this doesn’t mean they are off-limits, consider incorporating these into your wedding alongside other more affordable blooms and take a look at our alternatives for bridal favourites.


A popular choice for so many, the soft fluffy blooms are a romantic option and available in a range of colours from whites, soft pinks to brighter corals and deep reds. They usually appear in April and disappear in late June so if you are really set on having peonies in your wedding flowers then book a date during this time!

If peonies aren’t available for your date then we normally steer our couples to garden-style rose which are more readily available throughout the year. There are numerous varieties and colours available which have a similar appearance to a peony with layers of ruffled petals and sometime come with the addition of the most beautiful scent


Foliage has become a favourite for weddings, understandable with so many incredible and exciting options available from homegrown varieties through to glossy, bolder tropical leaves. WE LOVE IT.

If you want to make your budget stretch further why not consider using plants rather than cut stems, this can be a cost-effective way to create volume and you’ll have the plants to keep after the wedding. Give them away to guests or take them home to plant for a lovely keepsake and reminder of your wedding day, it is also a more sustainable option to using cut stems which will have to be immediately thrown away.

Mini plants such succulents or cacti make a great wedding favour and will double up as part of your table décor as well!


Photo by Vladimir Borodenok via Bridal Musings

Roses are a classic choice for a wedding and with so many varieties available it is often possible to find more affordable alternatives of the expensive varieties such as David Austen’s however if you want a more seasonal option then why not consider dahlias especially in Autumn when the British varieties are abundant.

Spray roses can also be a more affordable alternative to a single, standard headed rose, smaller in size but are great in smaller arrangements and are ideal for bridal flowers for example buttonholes or hair flowers.


Hydrangeas are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes so often get used to create various styles from natural garden to more contemporary, structured displays.

However versatile they can be extremely pricey so if you need to look for a less costly stem why not consider carnations instead. Carnations are not the most popular flower choice but please don’t write them off they have so much potential and there are so many new varieties appearing in all sorts of beautiful tones that they can be an excellent addition to your wedding.

The dense layers of petals are a great substitute for the bold hydrangea heads especially when grouped tightly together they take on a new presence.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

These long-stemmed orchids are a great choice if you want a modern or tropical feel to your flowers but they have to be imported from around the world which can make them expensive. There are lots of orchid varieties so ask your florist and they might be able to advise an alternative variety.

A fun alternative is mini anthuriums, smaller and more delicate than the standard varieties they are available in a range of beautiful shades from deep reds and blacks through to pretty pinks and pastels. They can be layered with other flowers or a small cluster can provide a focal point in an arrangement.

Overall the best thing you can do is speak with your florist and use their experience to get the most from your flowers and be openminded to their advice or alternatives they offer.

About Hiding in the City Flowers

Hiding in the City Flowers was launched in London in 2013 by Sarah Loughrey-Jennings. They create floral designs for weddings, events and other occasions. Their signature wedding style is relaxed and unstructured florals that are perfect for ultra-cool brides.

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