Oh how I love this engagement shoot ~ it's retro, fun, unique, meaningful to the couple and there's even a cute dog!

Oh and did I mention the theme?

Julia and Mike's engagement shoot theme was ‘a five page spread for the 1952 Home & Garden Summer Issue'!

Photographers Justin and Mary share a little more about this unique shoot:

When Julia & Mike sent us their “Get to Know You” sheet, one theme instantly jumped off the page at us…Under the question, “What do you think is unique about you as a couple?,” these guys put that they love to share equally in the chores of taking care of their brand new house…everything from the gardening to the vacuuming. So we thought, “Hey, we're down with equality.” And what could possibly stand for equality more than a 1950s take on housework? Right?! Makes sense to me!

Okay, so we put a slightly modern twist on it to bring it into SOMETIME this century, but seriously how fun is this theme? And Julia & Mike totally ROCKED it! They went out and hunted down all the outfits you see to get totally in character. I LOVE it!

I love how Justin and Mary also included shots of the couple just being themselves, doing the things they love (like hanging out with Andy their dog).

Such a fun engagement shoot, don't you think?!

Many thanks to Justin and Mary for sharing these wonderful images, which were taken back in 2008. Julia and Mike are happily married now, and as fate would have it, Julia works alongside Justin & Mary as their submissions editor now!