Celestial weddings are trending in 2022. Wedding gowns with star motifs and lunar-themed bridal accessories remain the most popular choice to take on the trend. But, what if your wedding date and reception were truly dedicated to the stars?

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Starry fashion accessories and decor are one thing, but adding stargazing to your wedding reception entertainment is another! We can't think of a better backdrop for nighttime celebrations than the glimmering sparkle of the Milky Way. Recently suggested as excellent entertainment for introverted guests, stargazing is a fantastic addition to your wedding photos, activities and memories.

But, incorporating stargazing into your wedding isn't as simple as having your reception at night. The first step to featuring your wedding under the stars is choosing a date best for stargazing. This means a time of year when you're least likely to experience cloud cover.

Additionally, couples wanting to stargaze at their wedding should view the stars on a night with a new moon. This is when the side of the moon illuminated by the sun is facing away from the Earth. So, this stops reflected sunlight from washing out and hiding the starry night sky. Consequently, you'll want to avoid dates with a predicted full moon or high illumination as the bright light will wash out any stars.

The team at Burton Constable Holiday Park, who provide glamping accommodation to wedding parties, have studied lunar calendars to reveal the best days for couples-to-be to marry under the stars – and create the ultimate celestial-themed wedding.

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The top three Saturdays for marrying under the stars in 2022

  • August 27th (0% illumination)
  • July 30th (1% illumination)
  • September 24th (4% illumination)

The top three Fridays for marrying under the stars in 2022

  • July 29th (0% illumination)
  • August 26th (2% illumination)
  • July 1st (3% illumination)

Other astronomical events to watch in 2022:

  • May 5th: Eta Aquariids Meteor Shower
  • May 15-16th: Total Lunar Eclipse
  • July 28-29th: Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower
  • August 11-13th: Perseid Meteor Shower

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Best destinations for stargazing weddings

Choosing a destination for stargazing weddings is simple: you'll want to get far away from light pollution. Choose areas shielded from city lights by mountains and other geological forms. Think protected beaches, vast deserts, mountaintops and National Parks.

There are countless wonderful destinations well equipped for stargazing wedding receptions. But, here are a few of our favorites:

Hotel Rangá in Iceland

Stargazing weddings in Iceland have more to offer than glimmering stars. Plan your wedding from late August to mid-April to spoil your wedding guests with a possible view of the Northern Lights as well.

Hotel Rangá, a luxury hotel and wedding venue fitting for any adventurous couple saying “I do” goes above and beyond to ensure you don't miss this natural phenomenon. In addition to their in-hotel observatory, Hotel Rangá offers a Northern Lights wake-up call. Simply press a button on your in-room phone and hotel staff will call you when the Aurora Borealis appears in Iceland's night sky.

Amangiri in Utah

All of Utah's National Parks offer epic stargazing possibilities. And while you certainly can apply for a permit and plan a campout wedding, we recommend Amangiri for any couple looking for a full-service luxury wedding venue under the stars.

The Oregon Coast

Coastal mountains block the minimal light pollution from this Pacific Northwest state. So, couples planning a beach wedding along the Oregon Coast can add stargazing to the long list of natural beauty included in their wedding day.

Most Oregon Coast wedded couples opt to rent private properties suitable for events. This way, you can find the perfect location secluded from any other light sources.

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Flagstaff, Arizona

The first International Dark City, Flagstaff is well-known for its stargazing. Local laws require low wattage lights to keep the city dark for optimum star viewing. It's an ultimate lunar-themed wedding destination as your wedding guests can visit the Lowell Observatory where Pluto was first discovered. The Grand Canyon and a number of other-worldly national parks and monuments lie within reach. A Flagstaff wedding offers guests not only stars but an adventure of a lifetime.

Park Hotel Kenmare in Kerry, Ireland

Ireland has its own special Dark Sky Reserve. Touting stargazing views that rival the plains of Africa or the Grand Canyon, the Kerry Dark Sky Reserve allows wedding guests star views rarely seen by the naked eye.

Within the core of the region's best stargazing is the historical Park Hotel Kenmare, home to Kerry's most lavish stargazing weddings. Marry at this 19th-century estate overlooking Kenmare Bay and you'll be treated to one of the most spectacular stargazing shows in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tuscany, Italy

Chianti certainly conjures thoughts of classic Italian wine and rolling fields of sunflowers. But, did you know this region of Italy offers excellent stargazing as well? Astrotourism booms in Tuscany thanks to the many observatories, planetariums, stargazing events plus the lack of excess light pollution. Pair your lunar-themed wedding with an Italian menu and we guarantee you'll hear no complaints from wedding guests.

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How to set up a stargazing station

It's time to style a lavish stargazing setup. Have your wedding planner design a plush stargazing area. Include Moroccan poufs, warm blankets, nighttime snacks and a telescope or two. When it comes to stargazing time, make sure your reception lights are minimal and low, as to not interfere with the night sky.

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Expert tip: On your celestial-inspired wedding invitations, we suggest you ask your guests to download a stargazing app. Sky Guide shows an augmented reality view of the sky in front of you. Using the app, you can identify planets, star names and constellations.

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