The man who brought you this stunning road trip film is back…

This teaser wedding film by Ryan Southwell is 44 seconds of awesome. Guaranteed to give you that Friday feeling or your money back!

best wedding film trailer ever? by Ryan Southwell Films

Everyone’s got a little party in them. At weddings, we usually see all the sentimental and cool things, but we never see enough of the party in each of us. While driving home from their wedding in San Francisco 2 days ago I came up with this teaser idea. This in NOT the song they chose, rather it’s a 180 from what the real video will entail. But I couldn’t resist. By the way, Jason works for Apple so I have no problem throwing up some Apple bling.

TEASER: Jason + Marilyn from Ryan Southwell on Vimeo.

I absolutely love it. Does anyone else want to rock right NOW?!

Marilyn and Jason's full wedding film will be coming to a computer screen near you very soon…

Have a great weekend everybody! x